Reason to Choose Sliding Door Wardrobe Doors Over Hinged Doors

Sliding Door Wardrobe Door

Wardrobes are a necessity in bedrooms. As a substantial part of your room, the wardrobe should be effectively functional as well as appealing to the eye.

Traditional bedroom designs commonly used hinged wardrobes for the longest time. However, sliding door wardrobes have taken over today’s market preference.

From their unique functionality to their subtle appearance, sliding door designs have become a favourite for homeowners across all walks of life.

Out with the hinged and in with the slides, let’s explore the question, why choose sliding wardrobes?

Competent and space-efficient

The sliding functionality of sliding door wardrobes is such that they remain in place, whether open or closed. They are easily accessible and require minimal motion.

These wardrobes are preferred as they save much more space compared to hinged door wardrobes. In addition, you can quickly move around your room without having to worry about an open door.

Accessing the clothing inside the wardrobe is also swift as you can reach deeper within it. Maintaining the tidy form of your clothes becomes a walk in the park.

In bedrooms with limited space, opt for sliding door wardrobes over hinged doors as they take up less space in your living area. You can therefore have maximum storage space without infringing on your own space.

Aesthetic Blend

Sliding door wardrobes have the unique ability to match up to the room’s appearance. You can design your wardrobe with matching colours and finishes to those in your bedroom.

For a minimalistic appeal, sliding door wardrobes give a very subtle appearance. They blend perfectly into the walls of the room.

Additional accessories, artwork, and other decor enhance the appearance of your wardrobe. Your favourite designs will fit right in place.

Stable structures

Sliding wardrobe doors are built into sturdy beam supports made from materials like aluminium. These beams are heavy duty and do not get damaged easily.

The slight weight of the wardrobe door in comparison to a hinged door wardrobe is such that it requires little effort to open and close the closet door. As a result, the likelihood of damage is also significantly reduced.

Unlike hinged door wardrobes, which sometimes get rusty and loose, sliding door wardrobes don’t. Over time such doors become cumbersome to access and maintain.

Sliding doors are less likely to fall out of place or get stuck. There are no more wardrobe repair worries for you with a steady sliding door wardrobe!

Mirror Designs

The fascinating thing about mirrors is the impression they leave. They create the illusion of more extensive or continuous space. Mirrors are a standard finish in sliding door wardrobes as they have a seamless blend. They are often fitted with mirrors that amplify the room’s appearance and vibrance. As a result, a room with great natural light will have a brighter appearance.

Mirrors on sliding door wardrobes fit perfectly in rooms with limited space. A fully mirrored cabinet will imprint the image of a double-sized room.

In addition, it makes smaller spaces feel more spacious and comfortable as the mirrors reflect the beauty and aesthetic of a room, making the environment even more appealing.

The above pointers explain why choosing sliding door wardrobes are the way to go. They have become a popular trend in modern and eclectic bedrooms for their many benefits.


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