Real Estate is Still the Best Stable, and Most Profitable Investment Today


Billionaire Andrew Carnegie once said that 90 percent of people who become wealthy do so through investment in real estate. We wondered if he was right.

These nine advisors, according to them, have made millions by buying property.

Buying real estate has made us rich – primarily by necessity, not by design – but we bought our first tiny apartment because we had no choice.

After several years, the studio tripled in price, allowing me to buy a one-bed­rooom apartment for $50k. Then I purchased a two-bed­rooom, followed by a three-bed­rooom. Finally, I moved into a ten-­bou­rneroom pentho­seum on Fifth Avenue in New Yor­k City.

“Buying that tiny studio was one of the key decisions I ever made. It got me into the game.”

Barbara Corcoran founded The Corcoran Group and hosted Business Unusual. She has appeared on Shark Tank.

Residential properties can be rented throughout the entire calendar month.

Real estate is an excellent investment if you’re looking at it as a long-term investment rather than just a short-term one.

You should invest in residential property that produces rent year-round.

Bethenny Frankels, an American businesswoman, philanthropist, author, television personality, and actress, founded Skinnygirl and B Strong ‘The right investment will keep appreciating.’ “Real estates” are real, but not all real estates are a good idea.

My portfolio comprises only certain kinds of real estate—generally multifamily units in upscale neighborhoods that generate steady income streams and offer solid long-term returns.

You should avoid low-income neighborhoods and single-family homes, but they’re probably a much more optimal place to keep your money than letting it sit idle at the local banks.

Buying is usually better than renting.

Most people who become wealthy own real estate rather than stocks because real estate always increases in value over long periods and outperforms other investments.

On top of that, real estate investing has several advantages over stocks. First, unlike stocks, which fluctuate daily, real estate prices tend to remain.

Always a good idea to buy real estate during a downturn. And while others talk about a “recovery,” sales and transactions are increasing.

Rents in some neighborhoods can be as high as $5,000 per month, but you can purchase a 1 million dollar house for less than $4,000 per month. And the interest rates are set at a low level for 30 years — the best kind of rental control.

“So why would you rent when you could buy instead? Besides, you can pay off your loan or even better if you own your house.”

Peter Hernandez, the Western region’s vice chairman at Douglas Elliman, founded and currently serves as its CEO, and he is also the founder and current CEO of Teles Properties.

It doesn’t cost a ton of money.

Real-Estate is a bankable asset, so you can always leverage it. It also does not tie up a lot of cash. You can set down as little as 10% and use the mortage money to grow your investment. With such low interest rates, that’s like free money.

Unlike the stock exchange, where many things are beyond our control, we can invest in stocks and bonds at any time without worrying about losing everything. We can also earn high returns and enjoy tax benefits.

Real Statistics: The only people who get rich from investing in real estate are those who invested during the peak of the housing bubble and got rid of their investments before the crash. Even though there may be some small appreciation in value, you won’t get rich unless you put a lot of cash out of your property.

Dottie Herman is the CEO of Douglas Elliman Realty, a real estate company with more than $27B in annual revenue. She has an Instagram account at @douglaselliman. Follow her there too!

Real estates offer an endless number of possibilities.

Real estate is an excellent investment because it has so many different options.

If you invest in a stock, bond, or private investment, your chances for profit depend entirely on outside forces; at best, you could just hold them, but if they go up, you will lose money; if they drop, you will gain money. But with real estate, you have an endless number of options. You can buy, rent out, flip, lease, or even just sit on it.

You can purchase property to sell it later if the market changes. Should the market drop, you could rent your home instead of selling it. On the other hand, a property may appreciate it, so you might decide to keep it. You can renovate your property, fix it up, or make improvements. You can also build an addition onto your home, or you’d like to split off a portion of the land. Land can be developed, leased, subdivided, or added to.

Dunman Residences – Upcoming Real estates for Sale in Singapore

Singapore real estate can be a good long-term investment for individuals looking for a safe country with good governance, a strong currency, and healthy economic growth. Singapore addition, ore has severe space limitations and a rapidly growing population, creating positive conditions for long-term appreciation of the property market despite its lackluster yield rates.

Located in District 15 of Singapore, near the Datoka Circle Line station, the Dunman Residences at Dunman road offer a wide variety of apartment sizes from studios to three bedrooms.

The Grand Dunman Singapore offers residents a luxurious lifestyle with easy accessibility to good schools and public transport. In addition, residents can stay connected and enjoy foodies’ heaven at their fingertips with direct links to major shopping malls and restaurants.


There are many ways to invest in stocks. Some people choose mutual funds; others prefer individual stocks. Still, others choose ETFs (exchange-traded funds) or index funds. And some people even go so far as to buy real estate or create their businesses.

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