React Vs. Angular: Which JS Framework Should You Go for in 2022

By Amara

The prevailing technologies have introduced many frameworks and tools in the market for web app development. Tech experts agree that despite the emerging tech-savvy technology being invented, the debate on React Vs. Angular is never-ending. Why? Because they are decades-old, reliable, and value-adding resource that has been providing marvelous results to every industry established in the world today. Although, both the frameworks run phenomenally and integrate similar functionality, the challenges of picking the best intensify.

Henceforth, we are here! Even though there is no perfect conclusion on which of the two frameworks will fit your business, knowing the pros and cons of React native app development and Angular Development is a must! In addition, you need to know why these two are hot in demand and are listed in the top 10 JS frameworks in 2022. So is React ideal for your project? Or will Angular give a prominent advantage? Let’s dig into the comparison of React Vs Angular below.

What is React?

Introduced and maintained by Facebook, React.JS is a popular framework across React Native developers and businesses. An open-source JavaScript library that integrates faster UI components and flexibility in opposition to other frameworks. The framework helps in building websites, web apps, and mobile apps seamlessly.

Benefits of React:

  • The code is resumed with a basic debugging procedure.
  • Components are easily imported.
  • Support the react native toolkit, which guarantees fast performance.
  • It has an excellent user experience and API compatibility.
  • Allows developers to create invertible web apps with the client-side layout.

Drawbacks of React

  • JSX assists developers in rendering HTML within JS.
  • However, if the element is too large, such as form validation, the code may become complicated and difficult to debug, particularly for novices.
  • Furthermore, React just covers the user interface and does not offer end-to-end functionality.

Features of React:

  • Individual reusable elements with their own management and semantics are used in ReactJS applications.
  • Since the elements are unchangeable, they provide direct binding and appropriate control across the app.
  • The unidirectional binding increases the flexibility and efficiency of applications.
  • High efficiency and cross-platform compatibility.
  • Supports online DOM representation.

What is Angular?

Angular is a web framework composed in TypeScript that offers to empower structure to developers. Backed by massive community support, Angular helps in elevating the HTML libraries that further add easy-to-use attributes. The framework aids with web application development that gives a higher rate of exchange.

Benefits of Angular:

  • TypeScript capabilities such as dependency injection and routing are used to build an effective cross-platform UI interface.
  • Enhanced app speed and faster application loading
  • Angular CLI, good community assistance, two-way data coupling, and differential loading all contribute to faster development.
  • Panels and elements make code accessible, debuggable, and testable.
  • Dependency injection and Angular services are two prominent design patterns.

Drawbacks of Angular:

  • The execution of Database objects is inadequate.
  • Third-party features and programs are challenging to integrate.
  • It is difficult for developers to learn Angular from the ground up.
  • Debugging may be difficult.

Features of Angular

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Offers structure to the web applications via MVC architecture
  • Less need of codebase required hence speeds up the development process
  • High-Performance
  • Build UI views easily with impressive template syntax

Now that we have gathered the crucial aspects of both the JS frameworks, let us now move on to its comparisons based on their popularity in 2022.

React Vs Angular Popularity in 2022

Over the years React development solutions and Angular development have gained immense popularity among the developer community. Let’s go through the graph below to contemplate the above lines.

Angular Development in 2022:

Angular Development in 2022

React JS Development in 2022:

React JS Development in 2022

As per the graph, React has comparatively more user attention than Angular. Reactjs is a library that may be used in place of a full-fledged framework like Angular. Angular, on the other hand, has always held a strong average number of characters when compared to the library framework Reactjs. The early release of Reactjs is the explanation for the higher popularity and lower number of failures.

React Vs Angular: Which JS Framework Should You Pick in 2022

Based on the popularity, we have compiled a list of competitive differences between the two JS frameworks. So let’s have a look at it below!

1. Different programming languages

Angular is entirely written in TypeScript.  Since TypeScript appears relatively short, it makes it easy to navigate the code and find mistakes. React now implements TypeScript as well, however it comes with ES6+ by default.

React is built on the JavaScript ES6+ language and the JSX script. JSX is primarily an extension for the syntax that renders JavaScript code look like HTML code.

2. Architecture Front

Both Angular and React have component-based architecture. That means they have cohesive, reusable, and modular components.

But, the React and Angular differences come at the point of the tech stack. On the other hand, React architecture uses JavaScript, while Angular architecture goes with Typescript for web development, which is more compact and error-free.

3. Based on Directives

The templates in Angular are delivered with parameters, and the syntax of the Angular guideline is complex and complicated, making it confusing to new developers.

React’s syntax and layouts are discussed at the conclusion of each component. As a result, readers may comprehend the code’s meaning even if they are unfamiliar with its syntax.

4. User Interface Component

Since Angular includes built-in Material components, UI setup becomes incredibly quick and simple. Its ecosystem creates React UI tools. Furthermore, the React portal includes both premium and free Widgets.

5. Toolset

Deployment tool Angular, like React, employs a variety of code editors, including Sublime Text, Web Storm, and Visual Studio Code. The project is developed with the CLI tool Angular CLI, while the server-side processing is handled by Angular Universal.

React makes use of a variety of code editors, including Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code. It bootstraps the project with the Create React App tool, and the server-side rendering is handled by the Next.js framework. Testing the React project necessitates the use of numerous tools for distinct aspects.

6. The Learning Curve

When compared to React, Angular has a high learning curve. Angular requires knowledge of ideas and languages such as templates, pipelines, dependency injection, RxJS, TypeScript, and so on.

If you are familiar with JavaScript, React.js allows you to rapidly learn and create an app in the React ecosystem. Furthermore, even after regular upgrades, ReactJS gives several useful materials for newbies to comprehend the framework and look forward to constructing an application.


So what does the future holds for React Vs Angular in 2022? All in all, both the JS frameworks work explicitly well on their respective grounds. However, which one to choose completely depends on your project requirement and timeframe. For example, choose Agular if you are looking to build a less complex application. But if your app requires a higher level of tools and features, React.JS can be your best bet.

If you face certain issues while choosing the one framework, consulting a mobile app development company or hiring an Angular developer is a must for an effortless journey altogether.

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