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The overwhelming and confusing array of brokerage firm choices may discourage you from beginning your forex trading journey. However, making the appropriate broker choice is one of the most challenging decisions in your trading journey. In fact, the brokerage firm you choose ultimately can make or break your trading experience.

Therefore, it would be wise to take your time and make a more informed decision. So, on that note, here are a few reasons why RBT is one of the leading brokers in the world of forex trading.

Why You Must Trade Forex with RBT

Great Trading Bonuses

RBT is known for providing newbie forex traders with a sizeable trading bonus. This incentive, which represents a percentage of the initial deposit, will be credited to the recipient’s account immediately so they can use it for trading.

Once you reach a certain trading volume, you can also withdraw this bonus amount. This is why RBT encourages all of its users to make the largest possible initial deposit to their account. Ultimately, the more your initial investment, the more bonus amount you’ll get.

Quick and Easily Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal processes are vital to your forex trading journey. After all, the more quickly and easily you can withdraw and deposit funds into your trading account, the better your overall trading experience.

That said, this is where RBT should be your broker of choice for forex trading. It gives you various withdrawal and deposit options to satisfy your forex trading needs and requirements. In fact, RBT also accepts deposits through credit/debit cards and wire transfers, allowing you to deposit funds into your trading account in a matter of seconds. But don’t forget that these deposit and withdrawal options come with a small service charge.

Top-Of-The-Line Customer Service

Because the Forex market is always open, your forex broker’s customer support staff must always be accessible to you.

This is another excellent benefit of signing up with a broker such as RBT. In fact, you can experience such top-notch customer service firsthand by getting in touch with them via various contact methods.

The customer service representatives at RBT are dedicated to providing prompt and accurate responses to customer feedback, concerns, and queries. What’s more, you can also use [Broker Name’s] live chat option to get immediate support if you experience any technical issues.

Excellent Forex Trading Platform

Because a broker’s trading platform links them to the forex market, RBT ensures that it has all the basic features and tools that users may require to trade whenever they want.

That said, a critical factor to consider when selecting a trading platform is how simple it is to exit or enter a trade. There are obvious “Buy” and “Sell” buttons on the RBT platform. However, they also have a “Close all” button that immediately closes all of your active positions.

Other benefits you can take advantage of include:

  • 24/7 trading alerts
  • Multiple back testing features
  • Automatic trading functionality
  • Easy customizations
  • Market predictions
  • Forex trading educational material

Multiple Currency Trading Options

RBT provides several other, less popular currency pairs in addition to the popular USD/CHF, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, and EUR/USD pairs. You are, therefore, very likely to discover a pair that brings you the most profit.

However, before signing up for an account with RBT, we advise going to the RBT website to check the full list of trading pairs available. This will allow you to confirm that they offer the pairs you’re interested in investing in.

Various Account Types for Traders of All Experience Levels

Every type of forex trader is welcome at RBT, whether you’re a seasoned player or a rookie. They provide users with different account types to meet their trading requirements and skill levels.

Furthermore, every account also comes with a minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal limit. For instance, the free account only allows you to withdraw or deposit a particular amount. On the other hand, the most expensive account has no limits to it. You can withdraw and deposit as much as you like. This account is typically best for traders who know what they’re doing!

Wrapping Up

To conclude, forex trading is probably one of the easiest, low-cost trading options available today. That said, with various brokers offering you various perks and features, choosing the right one for your trading needs and requirements can be difficult. Therefore, it would be wise to do your due diligence and research multiple brokers before putting pen to paper with one. We recommend teaming up with RBT to dive into the world of forex trading, as they are the most reliable forex broker out there!

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