Why is There a Raising Popularity for Video Resume Amongst Employers and Recruiters?

Video resumes are gaining immense popularity amongst recruiters, talent acquisition teams, and most importantly candidates. For any new change to gain popularity it needs to be adopted widely.  This is exactly what’s happening in this current era of remote interviewing and onboarding of new employees.

Video resumes are now being preferred by companies of various sizes as it’s better to understand the candidate’s profile over videos rather than the regular boring text resumes. Video resume also acts as an elevator pitch for candidates to pitch their profile and prove their worth to the organization they are applying for.

Some numbers to prove the rising popularity of Video resumes:

60% of recruiters have been using video resumes for hiring and a further 22% are considering using them in the future. 

64% percent of recruiters are planning to continue with remote hiring even if Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. Video resumes play an important role in recruiters being comfortable with remote hiring.

Now that we know how important video resumes are, let’s look at some of the top reasons why video resumes are gaining popularity amongst recruiters and Employers.

  • Video resume establishes a connection between recruiters and candidates 

We are currently in a working model where remote working is the norm and this means most of the hiring and onboarding is done remotely. Video resumes play a key role for a recruiter and an employer to feel connected and confident about the candidate. By going through a video resume of a candidate, recruiters can establish a connection and visualize how they’ll fit into the organization. 

Nowadays, recruiters receive an average of 250 resumes for a job application and at the end of the day, recruiters find it incredibly hard to connect and remember most of them. In some cases, this leads to good candidates slipping away. But this is where a video resume can help in leaving a lasting impression on the minds of recruiters.

  • Video resumes help improve the credibility of the candidate and remove the aspect of faking 

One of the main reasons for text resumes losing value is that there are a lot of skills and declarations that are not true. Candidates, in order to land jobs, tend to add skills, experience which were not done or achieved by them. This led to HR teams sending in assignments, tasks, to test the candidates which is a rigorous and time-consuming process. A video resume can solve this problem to an extent as a candidate will be able to explain skills or achievements that they have truly accomplished. 

Another aspect of video resume that recruiters love is that it’s very close to a face-to-face interview. This is true even in the first step while screening applications. It is for this fact that when candidates explain their profiles themselves it leaves a lasting impression on the recruiters.

  • Recruiters get to assess the communication, technology adoption skills of the candidate right away

As a recruiter, the first few things that they see in any candidate, be it for an entry-level role or a senior position, are how well the candidate is communicating, how good the candidate is in trying out new things, and how adaptable the candidate is to new technology. The importance of new technology adoption is of paramount importance as nowadays onboarding too is fully virtual. 

  • Reduces the chances of candidate not matching the ideal fit after undergoing a couple of rounds

In spite of screening resumes, evaluating assessments, and more there will be instances where the recruiter and the hiring team will identify the candidate as not an ideal fit. This could be due to error in judgment while screening the resume, or the candidate not being very good at communicating and presenting their skill set. By this time there will be a lot of time and effort invested which will go to waste. However, a video resume will help both the recruiter and the interviewer to understand the communication and skill set of the candidate better.

  • Video resumes are easier to keep track of and stay organized 

As pointed out, there is an average of 250 applications for a job opening and it is incredibly hard to keep track of resumes. Video resume tools like Vmaker allows recruiters to save videos to the cloud with custom names and organize them separately using folders.

If you’re a candidate reading this then you would have got the importance of a video resume already. Recruiters look for a personal touch and in fact, if you do not tailor your resume there is a 54% chance of being rejected. Now with access to online video resume maker tools, it is easy to record video resumes for free!


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