Rainbow Riches FAQs answered

Rainbow Riches FAQs answered

An Irish themed slot franchise that’s taken the online casino floor by storm, Rainbow Riches, is one players just can’t seem to get enough of.

With many games under its belt, each game allows players to enter the virtual emerald lands, in search of the lucky leprechaun and his riches by following a rainbow and spinning reels.

Some players may have questions about the gameplay itself or even the game series, so with this in mind, we looked at the most frequently asked questions of one of the Rainbow Riches Slots, Rainbow Riches Free Spins.

This way, we can answer them, leaving you and other players with only one question – what lies at the end of the rainbow?

Scroll to get your FAQs answered.

Can I play Rainbow Riches Free Spins on my phone?

Simply, yes. You’re able to play any of the Rainbow Riches games on any device able to connect to the internet. So, whether you log in via your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the virtual emerald isles will be ready and waiting to welcome you.

What type of game is Rainbow Riches Free Spins?

An Irish themed slot game, accessible via online casino sites, meaning that it’s a gambling game where you can play with real money from your bankroll with the potential of winning real cash too. However, no win is ever guaranteed. To play, you’ll need to wager real money, hit the spin button, and wait to see if they’ve spun in your favour.

Of course, we recommend only wagering what you can afford to lose.

Is Rainbow Riches Free Spins really a game of chance?

Yes. There’s no skill needed for you to spin in a winning combination amongst the reels, and gameplay is kept fair and unbiased thanks to the Random Number Generator (RNG).

An RNG is software that randomly decides the outcome of the game. It has no memory, so the game before will have no influence on the next game. This software has been applied to all games found within the virtual casino floor, keeping them fair and unbiased for all that log on to play.

What is the top you can win in Rainbow Riches Free Spins?

The most valuable payline of symbols you can spin into play is worth 500x your wager – this is created when five of the game’s logo symbols arrive on a payline. However, when it comes to the maximum you could win on a spin, this can actually reach up to 250,000x your wager – this is achieved with the help of cascading reels and other bonus features you could activate within gameplay.

Can you win real money when playing Rainbow Riches Free Spins?

In simple terms, yes. However, when in gameplay mode, any wins made will be added to your online account bankroll, where this will be represented in credits or virtual money.

Your account bankroll amount can then be withdrawn into your bank account, which is where your winnings become real money.

Now that some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding Rainbow Riches Free Spins have been answered, when will you be logging in next and chasing the rainbow found in the virtual emerald lands?


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