Ragnar Horn’s Philanthropic Journey With Right To Play And Fueling A Dedicated Humanitarian Path

During these unprecedented times, we are innately reminded of the transformative power of humanity, and the need to continue to collaboratively work together to eradicate human suffering, champion brighter futures and help others across the globe. As we navigate life on a broad scale and experience various events as a globalized unit, this global connectivity propels the importance of helping others, working together, and championing opportunities for all.

For generations, countless committed individuals have worked tirelessly to spread wealth, information, and resources throughout the world for the betterment of others. Through participation in various charitable organizations, humanitarian efforts, and even pledge drives, individuals have collectively pursued evolution, assistance, and change in areas of healthcare, disease mitigation, food assistance, disaster relief, and human rights-based realms.

For some, these humanitarian journeys have been impassioned by personal causes and commitments to fostering change within a particular area. With an unwavering motivation to propel a certain cause, these individuals have created systemic change in their particular fields of altruistic assistance, further manifesting the idea that a singular person can create a tangible difference in the world. For businessman Ragnar Horn, who serves on the Boards of various charitable organizations, his long-time involvement with Right To Play has served as the exemplification of the transformative power of passion, commitment, and motivation to pursue a philanthropic journey.

Who Is Ragnar Horn?

With an impressive work ethic and commitment to self-betterment, Ragnar Horn has leveraged his array of skills to build upon his impressive professional trajectory. Born in 1961, young Horn began his education via Norway’s Cavalry Officer Candidate School, before relocating to the United States to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics at Williams College. While studying at the Massachusetts institution, Horn competed as a varsity cross-country skier, a lifelong competitive interest that would ultimately allow him to cross paths with individuals who shaped his philanthropic journey, including four-time Olympic Speed Skater, and Right To Play’s Founder, Johann Olav Koss. After graduating with Honors in 1985, Horn garnered his Master’s In Business Administration from the esteemed Harvard Business School.

After graduation, Horn became an Associate at Credit Suisse First Boston Corporation in New York, where he garnered the pertinent experience needed to forge ahead in leadership positions. Before long, he became the Vice President at Mortimer Scott Associates, before returning to his native Norway in 1995 to take on the position of Chairman at Taconic AS. Taconic AS is a private, family-owned investment company that specializes in investments within the realm of real estate, and international shipping. As the Chairman of the company, Horn has led his team through continued advancements, evolutions, and daily operations to produce ongoing fruitful results. As a leader within his professional realm, Horn has mastered the various skill sets needed to successfully parlay information, set up operational standards, manage others, and accomplish goals that will manifest favorable returns. In essence, though these skills are industry-specific, they have translated seamlessly within his philanthropic journey.


What Is Right To Play?

Founded to protect, educate, and empower children across the world through the power of play, Right To Play came to fruition after founder Johann Olav Koss’ transformative 1994 trip to the newly formed country of Eritrea. Watching children play amongst the physical wreckage of decades of warfare, Koss was moved by the children’s desire to play soccer with a makeshift ball created out of a rolled-up long-sleeved shirt. While the children needed food and necessities, they also needed the healing power of play, the opportunity to be treated like children, and the resources needed to develop through play. With those founding principles, Right To Play was born.

From 2001, the global non-profit organization has helped hundreds of thousands of children to find healing through play. Empowering children to rise above various circumstances to stay in school, remain safe, and find hope through play, Right To Play provides resources for countless children across the globe. Through various strategic partnerships, endeavors, and events, the Right To Play team raises funding to create tangible change through the implementation of school-based educational games, sport, creative play, and free play. Today, the vast organization reaches over 2.3 million children annually.


Horn’s Journey With Right To Play

Involved with Right To Play for almost a decade, Ragnar Horn’s meaningful journey with the organization originated from his meeting with Koss, who has since become a dear friend. Impassioned by Koss’ dedication to the transformative power of play, and Right To Play’s mission statement, Horn leveraged his myriad of skills to propel the organization forward.

Joining the team on trips to areas directly impacted by human rights atrocities like the use of child soldiers, forced marriage, and even female genital mutilation, Horn gained a firsthand perspective on the work that needed to be done to ensure the safety, mental wellness, and development of these at-risk children would be preserved. In 2015, Horn went on a transformative trip with the organization to Uganda, followed by a 2018 trip to Tanzania. Accompanied by Right To Play Ambassador, and NHL hockey player, Mats Zuccarello, Horn considered this trip to be a pivotal marker in his work with Right To Play’s initiatives. Inspired by the events of this trip, Horn and Zuccarello funded the complete renovation of a local school in Dar es Salaam.

This donation provided life-changing results for generations of local children, who would now have the opportunity to garner a safe, effective, and inspiring education in a modernized setting. Championing the success of the local children, the revitalization of the area’s only school inherently increased the town’s understanding of the transformative power of education and allowed for a continued evolution that transcends the immediate donation from Horn.

Through continued involvement, self-education, and commitment to manifesting the mission statement of Right To Play, Ragnar Horn has maintained active participation in the organization’s many incentives. As a member of Right To Play’s Global Leadership Council, Horn continues to forge ahead in his dedicated philanthropic journey. Within this leadership role, he can also successfully marry his professionally gained skill sets and implement these skills for the betterment of the organization.

For all individuals, making a difference in the lives of others can be as simple as engaging in a basic kindness, or as elaborate as serving on an Executive Board of a major global organization. Based on unique skills, opportunities, and desires, individuals can find a philanthropic match that will undoubtedly benefit from their participation, no matter the circumstances. There is no charitable act that is too small to make a difference and no passion that isn’t worthy of exploration. As was the case for Ragnar Horn, a long-term philanthropic journey can sprout from an inspiring friendship or an otherwise organic development. The key to fueling a dedicated humanitarian path lies in finding a passionate cause and dedicating time, energy, and mental space for the notion of helping others, championing change, and bridging the gap of humanity across the globe.

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