Qualities of Marketable Subscription Boxes and How to Stand Out in the E-Commerce World

Subscription boxes are a recurrent delivery of boxed products. It gives this anticipatory feeling, a feeling of excitement to receiving a package every month or every six months, depending on what the consumer subscribed. We all know that a subscription box could have almost anything—books, beauty products, clothes, etc. 

The eCommerce business for the last five years has been thriving well. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, subscription boxes are becoming trendy because people prefer to order online and have their goods delivered than going out and buying stuff. Safety and convenience-wise, subscription boxes are preferable. No need to grab a cab and visit the store while exposing oneself to the unseen virus. Subscription boxes began with niche products, and now even big companies have joined. 

People find subscription boxes appealing because it is delivered right at their doorsteps. They also get the feeling of excitement because of the surprise element since they do not exactly know what they will receive. In the box, there are a variety or mixture of different products. There will be mystery items, teaser products, which keep customers engrossed. It also gives the chance for customers to discover new products that they have never tried or known before. 

Now, how does a subscription box boost business? What qualities are there in subscription boxes that they help in the booming of businesses?

  1. Their winning concepts. Subscription boxes need to have a strong concept and a clear target of consumers. They need to be unique while addressing the need of a particular audience. The company must stand out from the rest. Concepts like organic beauty products for sensitive-skinned people or make-up products that are cruelty-free. They also must make sure they do not have that many competitors yet in their concept. 
  2. High-end packaging that gives a good first impression. First impressions usually last. When the concept of a product revolves around beauty or lifestyle, packaging must be aesthetically pleasing because this is a clear-cut marketing strategy. One of the recent trends in vlogs or youtube content is when the influencer unboxes his or her package. What people see first will of course be the box that contains the products. If you do not give a good first impression, no matter how good the contents are, the displeasing packaging impacts impression on the total subscription box. 
  3. Of course, the packaging must also be related to the theme colors of the company or company’s logo for consistency. There are always ways to make the package simple yet fancy without spending too much. All it takes are resourcefulness and creativity. 
  4. Products that are fresh and innovative. While thinking about the aesthetics of the packaging, always remember it all boils down to the contents. Be wise to connect with suppliers that can give affordable yet high-quality products. It is important to partner with businesses, small or big ones, starting or existing ones, so that you may be able to provide products that are also new or never tried before but guaranteed good quality ones. They might even give free samples. 
  5. Good Inventory Management Skills. Subscribers are unpredictable. They do not always seem excited as they began or they might suddenly cancel their subscription. It is a wise move to have good inventory management skills so that the company or product provider will be able to gauge the number of orders to avoid overbuying and yet making sure that the demands of customers is met. 

The next question is how companies can or niche product services market their best subscription boxes to the masses when there is a lot of competition in the e-commerce world? How can they retain the subscription of consumers and keep them engaged?

  1. Find bloggers or vloggers or influencers who can promote your box. People depend on their favorite influencers about which product to buy or which subscription box to subscribe to. If you have a start-up company or small business, no worries because they are many influencers who support small businesses and are honored to endorse products for them in their social media account. 
  2. Create your own social media content, featuring your monthly subscription box. Allow customers/subscribers to give their feedback, give suggestions, and be involved. Ask them what needs to be improved, what products they want you to add, etc. They will most likely continue to patronize the box because they are the ones who gave the ideas.
  3. Personalize your products. This means you give them multiple options. Survey customers about their preferences. This way, you can give an assurance that the subscription box they will receive contains products they want. 
  4. Make sure to post appealing product presentations. Post-eye-catching yet realistic snapshots of your product. It is important in advertising to catch the person’s attention through visual presentation since they still cannot see the actual product. They will most likely subscribe when they appreciate the visual presentation.


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