Psychometric Tests: How To Prepare and Pass?

Psychometric Test

It is a test, where whatever your answer is, it is the right answer. That’s the dream, isn’t it?

Psychometric tests are designed to evaluate a person’s skills, personality, and presence of mind, which is much different from the aptitude test. We will talk about it in this article and share some tips to prepare.

Here, you have the liberty to answer from your perspective, so you can never go wrong. Now that your stress of failing has busted let us also help you get rid of every question you have related to a personality test.

Psychometric Test: Where Is It Used?

Many firms employ psychometric tests to assess a candidate’s skills and aptitude to prosper in the sector during the recruitment and selection process. Results and job performance are correlated; hence organizations value the test scores while hiring.

Due to such tools’ analytical potential, psychometric tests are appealing and useful for entrepreneurs. Additionally, these assessments are easy to scale and execute, offering great value to the hiring needs.

Types of Tests

Different kinds of psychometric tests are used for hiring. Some are designed to test your skills and aptitude, while others evaluate your personality. The following are the most common kinds used in the industry:

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Personality
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Situational judgment assessment

Tips to Prep and Pass

Unlike reasoning tests, you don’t need prior practice or revision to take a psychometric profile test. However, you can go through a couple of practice papers. Here are the tips on getting started for a test to score high!

Guidelines for Pre-Exam Preparation

  • Go through different types of questions that are asked.
  • Prepare yourself to be confident. Remember, all answers are right, so say goodbye to nervousness.
  • Practice time management while solving sample papers.
  • If you are taking the test for admission to any university or recruitment in any company, head to their official website and search for module papers.
  • Make a note of casual mistakes you make while practising. Make sure you avoid them at the examination.
  • The best way to prep yourself is by taking tests online, which gives you a detailed evaluation sheet. Assess your shortcomings, and take necessary steps accordingly.

Strategies to Follow During the Exam

  • Choose a calm and comfortable place, devoid of all sorts of distractions. 
  • Make sure you have a pencil, paper, and calculator with you.
  • Keep your device, laptop/ phone/ tab fully charged in advance.
  • Ensure a reliable and stable internet connection.
  • Note the login time, and do not rush. Learn good time management. 
  • Monitor the timing. Certain tests show how much time you have spent on each question. This aspect is also taken into account while preparing the score sheet.
  • Follow the instructions thoroughly. 
  • Always save the answers update the inputs before clicking on the back button. 
  • Never take too long on one question and be stuck. Distribute your time evenly on all the questions. 
  • Take deep breaths just before starting, and be calm throughout the examination. Don’t stress yourself or fuss about some word or a couple of questions you are unsure about. 

Bonus Tips for Standing Out & Getting Hired

Here are some bonus tips to prepare for a psychometric personality quiz and to get hired:

  1. Gain knowledge about the tests that the employer is inclined to implement: As we have mentioned earlier, there can be several types of tests. Gain knowledge on which kind your employer is more likely to use. Once you know it, download practice papers of that kind, familiarize yourself with the formatting technique and monitor your time to solve such a paper. 
  2. Don’t skim over the material for each question: Never jump on to a conclusion. Conjecture is the worst thing to do in a psychometric test. Often tricky questions are put as traps, and jumping on too hasty assumptions will make you its prey. 
  3. Know permitted tools and learn how to utilize them: Learn the test rules in advance and prepare accordingly. Some companies allow calculators and such tools while others don’t. 

For math-based papers, candidates are mostly allowed calculators and are supplied with a pencil and paper for rough work. 

Summing Up

Psychometric assessments boost an organization’s chances of success. Aspiring youngsters can also use it as an entrepreneur test and venture on their journey to creating a successful startup.

A profound self-understanding of your strengths, skills, and weaknesses can help evolve a better version of yourself. So, prepare yourself to take the test and say YES to success and a new, better You

Share with us how your improved score helped you win a job/ enterprise goal!


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