Providing Core banking Services to the Customers in Banking sector

Technology has provided different means to give various services to people according to the modern era’s requirements.  The banking sector has made progress in the IT field by utilizing the benefits of technology. The banking sector uses various software types for handling different industry tasks like data management, data aggregation, customer relationship management, and core banking.

Core banking has much importance in the banking sector in providing online services to customers. It includes the handling of the transaction processes around the globe and other payment withdrawal solutions. Core banking services offer comfort and eases to the customers in online transactions, checking account balance, account verification, payment withdrawal methods, and utility bills paying benefits.  

Core Banking and Financial services are essential to enhance the banking sector’s sales and revenue by attracting the clients’ attraction and boosting the standard of a bank. The customers or clients go towards the best service providing platform to get beneficial and quick results.

What Do We Provide?

We provide different core banking services to the bank, such as designing, data deploying, customization, and up-grading with customer support tools. Our experts work to ensure the full customization and upgrading of the core banking system by adding various tools and features. We guarantee the high performance of the software according to the demands and the requirements of the customers.

Moreover, we provide an upgraded mechanism to bring variations in an outdated system by proper data migration without losing the data processing quality.  You can get updated software to improve the core banking system’s better working and performance by managing modern data analytics tools and transaction features.

Mobile Banking services

We believe in the utilization of technology for providing better and quick services to the customers. The mobile banking services are also core banking, and it’s the most useful source for online transactions and the other benefits of core banking. We provide upgraded software for the outdated mobile banking apps and develop a user-friendly interface for the customers that are easy to use.

Mobile banking is a dynamic approach to target the customers’ requirements and to face the competitors in the market. By using mobile banking, you can easily send payment to the other across the globe, you can quickly check your bank account balance, and you can easily pay the utility bills by sitting at home. The up-gradation and customization are made by our experts to provide the best services to the customers.

Core Banking Solutions

There are different core banking solutions according to the requirement and policies of the bank. We provide various core banking applications having additional features and tools and targeting audience capability. These core banking solutions include:

  •   Finasta
  •   Flexcube
  •   Temenos T24

The Benefits of Core Banking Transformation

The existing core banking software needs up-gradation and customization to better work and performance of the core banking system.   There are different benefits of Core banking as a result of up-gradation, and these include:

  •   Personalization

It provides the personalization of the existing core banking software and makes different changes according to the challenges’ requirements and demands. The management team can change and customize the software utilizing the up-gradation services provided by us. It boosts the software’s optimization from time to time and makes the core banking services more prominent.

  •   Incorporations with different tools

We modify and develop the software that integrates the core banking system with different tools, reduces core banking software costs, and provides quick and fast service to the customers. Integration with various tools enhances the optimization of the core banking system.

  • Cloud Applications

The software provides the automation mechanism to tackle the payment transaction solutions and other online banking services. The software assists in easy extraction, transformation, and migration of the data from an outdated system to a new system. It collaborates with your cloud applications and boosts the storage capability of the device.

What approaches we Utilize in the making Core Banking updated software?

We, as core banking software developers, utilize different approaches according to the requirements of the client. After analyzing the clients’ business framework, we develop and design the software by considering the essential elements. The following are the approaches we take:

Big Bang Strategy

The strategy involves the complete change of the core banking software at once. It includes the redesigning of the software, data migration, and other replacement of the CBS features. It makes full changes to the existing software to the modern core banking software, which might involve risk for the customers in using this service.

Progressive Strategy

The strategy involves changing the existing software step by step to upgraded and modern core banking software. The process is useful for the banking sector as we add features and other tools step by step and bring variation in the existing software slowly.

Greenfield Strategy

The strategy works for experimental purposes, and by applying this strategy, the modern core banking software is provided to the new users. The new users use this software and give feedback for the software’s proper functioning, while old users use existing software, and slowly they are enrolled in the new modern software.

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