Proven Ways to Boost Post Holiday Sales


During holidays, most stores reap big as shoppers purchase different things to make their holidays enjoyable. However, sales may diminish after the holiday spending is over. Luckily, there are excellent methods that can help you sustain good sales even after the holidays. Understanding the needs post-holiday buyers can help you boost sales. This guide contains proven ways to help you boost post-holiday sales.


1. Give Discounts

Include discounts for post-holiday purchases in items sold during the holiday. This means that you should consist of an attractive deal or discount to future purchases after the initial purchase. This is a great way to make holiday shoppers come back to your store after a holiday when there is low traffic. For instance, you can offer gift cards to customers for January purchases.

Attaching discounts to post-holiday sales is beneficial to the present and future growth of your business. Gift cards promote purchases during the holiday season and act as incentives for encouraging purchases in the post-holiday period. Typically, most returning consumers spend more than face value which is a good tactic for dealing with competition.

If you have an ecommerce site, create a clearance site and drive traffic there. Giving buyers free products when they make a purchase will keep your sales moving.


2. Invest In Marketing

Most business owners reduce their marketing efforts after the holiday season. This is a mistake you should avoid by all means. Ensure you continue with advertising, emailing, social media marketing and PR even after the holiday season. Most customers will still be in spending mode during the New Year when people spend money they received on holiday and cash in on gift certificates. You should, therefore, maintain the aggressiveness with post-holiday marketing.

Invest in social media. Social media advertising is more effective than coupons and mail lists. Also, retarget customers using traffic from holiday period and direct ads to them depending on their location. Step and repeat banners are the best choices for outdoor advertising. They provide more brand visibility to potential customers.


3. Give Loyal Customers Special Deals

Another excellent way to boost post-holiday sales is by thanking loyal customers with exclusive deals. Send follow up emails to customers who made purchases during the holiday season with targeted deals and exclusive offers for a specified period. You can even ask the customer to share the deal with their loved ones and hence extend the promotion. Consumers endear a great bargain regardless of the time of the year.


4. Run a Contents

A fun contest is yet another way to promote post-holiday sales. Ensure that everyone who enters wins a gift. The winner should get a prize that will support your products.


5. Follow Up On Customers

Follow up on your customers and suggest great merchandise they can buy. You can even create automated emails that promote your products. The promotions should be well-timed to coincide with the time the customer is likely to make the next purchase. Check abandoned shopping carts and make follow-ups. Most consumers use carts to store products they plan to buy in the future. Email addresses of abandoned carts can create a pool of potential buyers to market to and keep your growing even after the holidays.


6. Invest in Brand Identity

Creating an excellent business image is an essential factor when competing for customers. Customers tend to make a repeat purchase on brands they can identify with.



It is essential to ensure that your business does not come to a standstill after the holiday season. Post-holiday sales are crucial for business growth and sustainability. The best way to ensure that customers keep coming back is by offering excellent services and rewarding them accordingly.


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