Pros and Cons of the Gaming PC

Gaming PC

Once upon a time (when the grass was greener), gamers were content with low computer performance, freezing, and poor graphics for the sake of their hobby. Computers in the early 21st century were bulky and slow to operate. They supported games with the most minimal system requirements.

But gamers also had minimum personal requirements. As a last resort, there were always computer clubs with the most modern equipment at the time. The gaming industry was just beginning to develop to dictate the pace of changes.

Nowadays, games are strikingly realistic. For this realism to be of high quality, the player needs a powerful computer. For example, games from the list 5 Best Medieval Games 2020 need good system requirements to please the player with quality gameplay and virtual world.

It is still a common misconception that an ordinary computer can replace a special gaming computer. It can, but it depends on the situation. After all, one should not forget that the gaming computer differs in many characteristics, namely:

  • A graphics card focused on game graphics processing
  • CPU for high-speed game computation
  • RAM for the bandwidth of running programs
  • Cooling system because modern games and long gameplay overload the computer
  • A monitor with a fast response time (but only if the computer will be used exclusively for gaming)
  • Accessories for convenience (gaming mice, pads, and keyboards).

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gaming computer

For gamers who are thinking about buying a gaming computer but have doubts about it, we have prepared an overview of the pros and cons of this device as a concept in principle.

Price (Con)

The main disadvantage of a gaming computer is, of course, the price. Fully assembled gaming computers are more expensive than assembling the device component by component. One can refuse accessories (a gaming mouse or keyboard), but it’s impossible to reject:

  • CPU
  • Motherboard
  • RAM
  • System unit
  • Power Supply
  • Hard disk and SSD
  • Video card

The minimum cost of a piece-by-piece gaming computer will start at $600. Already fully assembled when sold, a gaming computer will cost between $800 and $1,200. At the same time, given the player’s wishes, such a computer can take up to $2,000 out of the budget. Whereas the average price of a regular computer ends at $400. 

…but (Pro)

Best Gaming PC Under 500 Dollars is a reality that can overshadow the discussed disadvantage. When looking for such price tags, one needs to be careful because, for scammers, this can be a favorite way of making money. Best gaming pc under 500$ is a review in which the interested gamer can look at the offered cheap gaming computers and be sure that they exist.

Opportunities for eSports Players (Pro)

If a person is professionally engaged in E-Sports or plans to do so, then they can’t do without investing in a gaming PC at rock-bottom prices. At the professional level, the PC reaction speed must match the player’s reaction speed. For example, the opponent may have a lower skill in the game, but the computer speed is higher, resulting in an increased chance of winning. Other times, the PC quality can decide the fate of an entire eSports team.

Occupied Place (Con)

A gaming computer will be quite bulky (if comparing it to a laptop, for example). Gamers need to be ready that they will have to allocate a lot of free space on the table for the monitor and keyboard. Also, they need to worry about the place for the system unit and make sure that no one will accidentally damage the wires.

Game Console Features (Pro)

Some games are released for consoles only. Of course, after some time, developers may adapt it for PC. One can wait patiently if their plans for spending the budget do not include the purchase of a game console. But avid gamers do not like to wait. In this case, the gaming computer, which can imitate a gaming console thanks to special applications, is an indispensable purchase. 

Game Console Features

There is no need to wait for an adaptation or spend money on a gaming console if a gaming PC can handle it well. Even the best gaming PC under 500 dollars has this feature.

The Need for an Upgrade (Con)

The reality of gaming PCs is that they are constantly changing. For the better, of course: devices support modern games and delight in detail and high performance.

The problems start when a gamer realizes that a powerful gaming computer may be considered obsolete next year. Therefore, they will have to keep an eye on new products and changes to react in time and upgrade a PC.

The idea that one can ignore the need to upgrade is not always correct. This is true if the gamer knows that the gaming computer is needed for the games that exist now. And if the gamer is sure that they are unlikely to find time for the games that are planned to be released soon.  

Otherwise, the gamer will have to keep up with the changes and spend extra money to upgrade the gaming computer. 

Cheap Games (Pro)

Games for computers are at least twice as cheap as console games. The explanation is simple: the audience of computer players is larger than the audience of game consoles. As a result, developers have to recoup the cost of game development and production.

Besides, indie game developers mostly present their “brainchild” for PCs. In many cases, it is also a great opportunity to play a free demo version and decide whether the presented indie game is worth attention.

Final Words

Gaming PCs are needed for the players to see the virtual worlds as developers conceived them, enjoy beautiful graphics without lags and long loads, with detailed drawing and special effects.

Normal PC will slow down the gameplay, emit noise, overheat, or simply will not run the new game. If comparing playing the game on an ordinary PC, it’s like watching your favorite TV series online with low-quality Internet: delays, stratified images, and long loading scenes are included. You can learn more from Micro Center.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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