Pros and Cons of Skrill Wallet for Casino Deposits

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Licensed USA betting sites and online sportsbooks can use Skrill for deposits and withdrawals. A Skrill prepaid card gives customers quick access to cash at ATMs and the ability to buy stuff anywhere Visa is accepted. Like PayPal, Skrill lets you make purchases online, get money withdrawn, and store your money online securely. Customers get a lot out of a Skrill account. Skrill allows users to keep their private info safe when betting online, the most important thing. Skrill deposits don’t give betting sites your bank account info or credit card info. In addition, Skrill is excellent if you like to jump between different betting apps. In addition to keeping their banking info private, Skrill also adds convenience by letting them transfer money from one mobile sportsbook to another. Skrill does have a drawback, however, and that’s its higher fees. Deposits are free via credit card, debit card, and bank transfer, but Skrill charges a flat $5.50 fee for transfers to personal bank accounts and $2.50 for withdrawals from ATMs. Skrill isn’t great, but it’s a suitable deposit method. With PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, or bank transfers, customers can get started faster.

You won’t have any problem adjusting to Skrill if you’re used to PayPal. You have to sign up for, then fund it with a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer. Users can then transfer money to their online betting accounts without revealing their personal information. When you fund your account with a credit or debit card, Skrill asks if you’ll use that money for gaming or non-gaming. If you choose non-gaming purposes, you can’t fund your mobile betting account with that money. Therefore, anyone using Skrill to support an online sportsbook must select “gaming” to make sure the deposit goes through. PayPal users can get a prepaid Visa card that links to their accounts so they can use it in person. If you withdraw money from casino account to Skrill, you can use your prepaid card to withdraw cash from ATMs or buy stuff anywhere Visa is accepted. Skrill cards are prepaid, so you don’t need a bank account or credit check to get one. With Skrill, ATM withdrawals cost $2.50, and annual fees are $10, but customers can use it for free online or in person.

Only Skrill has a loyalty program, so it stands out from the rest. If you use your Skrill Knect account more often, you get more points. When you use Skrill, you get Knect points. They can later redeem customer loyalty points for gift cards, vouchers, and more. Users can redeem Knect points for cash at 1,000 points per $1.00 of increased balance. Skrill’s loyalty program is unique in that regard despite its lousy exchange rate. Each transaction earns customers 1,000 points and each calendar month 500,000 points, and customers have till January 1st of the coming year to redeem their points.

Skrill Pros and Cons


  • Don’t divulge your banking details.
  • Depositing and withdrawing within a few minutes.
  • Using an alternative to credit card declines.
  • Programs designed to reward patrons.


  • Expenses associated with withdrawals.
  • Generally unaccepted.

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