Pros and Cons of Flannel Sheets

flannel sheets

In the cold season, you want to sleep in a warm bed. It is hard to imagine a fabric that is softer, warmer, more comfortable, and cozy than flannel. Modern sheets from this material, in addition, have an original design. We have options for absolutely every taste.

What is flannel?

To make this textile, manufacturers use cotton, woolen, and half-woolen fibers. But only cotton flannel is suitable for bed linen.

Material has a simple plain or twill weave, and the density of the fabric is distinguished by the weight light, medium, or heavy flannel. The weaving of the threads is very dense; there are practically no gaps between the fibers. Therefore, the weight is quite large, but bed linen is sewn mainly from a light type of material.

The main distinguishing feature of flannel is the presence of a smooth, uniform pile — fleece. It can be on one or both sides of the fabric. The baize can be plain-colored or stuffed. In the first case, the fabric is made from pre-dyed threads. In the second, the drawing is applied to the finished canvas only on one side.

Material qualities

Anyone who is going to buy flannel sheets certainly knows about all benefits.

This material is different:

  • Environmental friendliness. The canvas is made from natural cotton fibers; dyeing is done with natural dyes.
  • Durability. A flannel bedding set can be washed many times, and it will only become tender and soft. Linen will retain the original color and the density of the material and will not shed.
  • Friction resistance. Both hand and machine washing is possible as the fibers do not become thinner.
  • Hygroscopicity. Good indicators of moisture absorption allow you to use the material for making beds for babies.
  • Cost. The price of a flannel bed will be affordable for every family, especially given the long period of its service.

Such a set of linen seems very cozy as it is soft, with one-sided or two-sided fleece. The composition of the material allows it to be used by both adults and children.

The bike also has its downsides. It is difficult to call them significant, but it is worth mentioning:

  • If the washing temperature is exceeded, the flannel fabric may shrink.
  • Wet bed linen from a baize dries for a relatively long time because the fabric is dense and heavy, capable of absorbing moisture in large quantities.
  • The fabric has a fairly strong wrinkle, but it is easy to iron.

As for the care of flannel sheets, everything is very simple here: washing in normal mode and spinning at high speeds are allowed.

It should also be borne in mind that bleaches are not suitable for such a fabric; they cannot be rubbed strongly during hand washing. Heavily soiled flannel is better to soak for a while in a detergent solution and then wash or use a stain remover. So that the textile does not lose its amazing softness, it is recommended to add conditioner to the aqueous solution for washing it. Dry such a fabric in a natural way, away from heat appliances, and avoid direct sunlight.

Flannel bedding is suitable for everyone — adults and children, and even newborn babies. No wonder diapers are made from this fabric. It is incredibly pleasant to the touch, does not cause skin irritation, and sleeping on it is very comfortable.

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Buy flannel bedding for children or adults and enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful fabric.


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