Progressive Field Parking

Progressive Field Parking

Progressive Field is one of the major sports facilities in Cleveland and features comfortable seating with more legroom. The stadium hosts some of the best events throughout the year, including baseball, concerts, and other sporting events. There is a long list of upcoming events scheduled for the coming days and months. If you’re making plans with your friends to attend a concert or a game, the first thing you need to do is to reserve a suitable spot at Progressive Field parking for the event you wish to attend.

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The stadium has a history of hosting notable events and has welcomed the world’s top recording artists and continues to do so. When significant events occur at the venue, it becomes pretty challenging to reserve parking at Progressive Field. Also, with several events happening at the venue on a regular basis, it’s certainly not easy to get your hands on Progressive Field garage parking passes. Not only that but even parking spaces can be all taken up before you get to book yours. Hence, if there’s an event you wish to attend and has already bought tickets for, do yourself a favor by pre-purchasing a Progressive Field parking pass ahead of the event.

So, are you searching for Progressive Field parking options? You need not worry as there are several websites where you’ll find one at a great price! The best place to find parking at Progressive Field is online, as it’s where you’ll get exciting deals and prices. Also, if there’s a particular parking area where you want to park your car, you can conveniently do so online. There are several advantages when it comes to purchasing a Progressive Field parking online as you not only get great deals and discounts but can also compare prices before making the final choice. The best part about reserving a space in advance at Progressive Field parking is that you can straight away drive to your designated lot for parking upon reaching the venue. Since the stadium is always busy with several events now and then, there can be no greater feeling than knowing that there is a reserved spot at Progressive Field parking waiting for you. Moreover, as the event nears, parking rates tend to fluctuate. So it’s always best to book your parking space as earliest as possible if you’re looking for the best parking area at the best price.

Progressive Field is located at 2401 Ontario Street in the downtown area of Cleveland, Ohio. It opened in 1994 to replace the Cleveland Stadium and was originally named Jacobs Field, but it was renamed in 2018. Progressive Field is often called “The Jake” and has been the home of MLB’s Cleveland Guardians ever since it opened. The MLB stadium is also part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex. In 2018, the stadium was ranked the best MLB ballpark by Sports Illustrated. When the stadium opened 28 years ago, it had a seating capacity of 42,865, but after several renovations with moderate changes, it now seats 34,830. Still, it can seat more people through the standing room and temporary seating. With a construction cost of $175 million, the stadium features 115 luxury suites. The stadium’s recent renovations include LED field lights, making it the 11 MLB stadium to do so. It also has Wi-Fi installed and was recently awarded the 2019 Major League Baseball All-Star Game for hosting the game twice. Being one of the city’s major sports facilities, it does make sense to reserve your parking area before you drive to the stadium.

There’s ample parking space at the stadium, including Progressive Field club parking, VIP parking, ADA parking, and garages. If you’re planning to park your car nearest to the stadium, it’s just a click away, and it is also more convenient to reserve a parking space online. Progressive Field also has a record of hosting the World Series and MLB All-Star Game in the same season. Aside from playing host to baseball events, the stadium also welcomes other sporting events, including hockey. Since the traffic during game days or events is unavoidable, the best option is to plan to arrive early. Progressive Field parking lots and garages are open 2 to 3 hours before the event kicks off, and you can take the opportunity to reach the venue before the area becomes crowded.

The stadium also occasionally hosts concerts and music festivals. Over the years, many renowned artists have graced the stage at Progressive Field, including artists like Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffett, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, and others. If you’re a fan of the Guardians, there’s a lot to look forward to as the team has several exciting upcoming matches scheduled for their home games this season. You can catch live the team playing against Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City Royals, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, and more. Pre-purchase your Progressive Field parking pass before heading to the venue to ensure you don’t spend half of your time searching for parking at the stadium. Also, for concert lovers, you can expect to see live shows of some well-known artists, including Elton John, who will be making a stop at the stadium this summer during his world-famous tour titled “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.” Whether it be a concert, a game, or other entertainment show, it’s best to reserve a parking lot prior to the event to avoid a last-minute hitch.

Progressive Field VIP Parking

If you’re looking for the quickest way to park your car, get your hands on the Progressive Field VIP parking pass without thinking twice. With your VIP pass, you can get the privilege to enter the venue from the dedicated VIP entrance and can park your car in the safest area.

How Much Does Progressive Field Parking Cost?

Usually, you will find Progressive Field VIP parking starting from $38 and could go up to $65 or more, but prices are subject to change and can vary based on the event.

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