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Essay writing skill is something that is supposed to be developed throughout the studying process at high school and college. The older the students are, the better they are at organizing, structuring, showing their ideas and opposite points of view. The work is supposed to be accurately written, coherent, observing formal or neutral style. the information shown in the essay must be relevant and interesting to the target reader. 

Essays are very often based on the other writer`s written work. So the author should be well informed about or at least familiar with the original paper. If your writing task is connected to historical issues, the author’s point of view should be supported by historical facts, dates, and other important details. What is more, these data have to be analyzed before planning the essay and writing even the first draft. But if it is related to marketing, it is essential for the author, who in this case should ideally be an affiliate marketing expert or should have a deep understanding of marketing strategies, trends, and best practices before starting the essay writing process.

Writing a successful essay is not only a question of meeting formal requirements but also testing the author`s creativity and background knowledge. For some students writing something is an easy task to do. They are always very imaginative and eager to create something new. Later these people are awarded for their achievements in literature and humanities. 

Other much bigger groups of people find writing skills as the most unbearable experience in their life, practically a torment. Hence, students might be willing to have their work written by a professional writer in a specific field of science in order not to spend too much time on showing their points of view or learning something additional, not needed. Others feel more experienced in essays and do all the tasks on their own without any extra help.

In this article, we`ll find out the features of the top four companies providing support of the experts in different fields: – one of the most affordable sites for ordering such types of writing. – among their staff there are only top-rated experts in a given field. – being on the market for the longest period, they provide for the clients’ first-class quality writing. – is a site where you can order works written in British English.

If you understand that academic essay writing can become stressful and you run out of time to finish the research, let one of these companies handle any essay assignment. Asking professional writers for help, you relieve the stress level and obtain more free time to stay focused on something else. In the article, we`ll answer some frequently asked questions and discuss how essay writing services work, which website to choose.

What are the professional college writers’ responsibilities?

Professional college writers are experts at writing any type of essay, but this does not mean that they do their work automatically, practically mechanically at conveyor speed. On the contrary, they fully analyze the theme of each essay, take care of all client’s needs. Using appropriate materials and information is not the only key to a successful essay. A high level of creativity and even a bit of a soul are used to create a unique essay. 

If you order a text from experts, you can feel sure that the text you will get will be original and there won’t be such an embarrassing moment when the professor realizes that your work is associated with another student’s essay or that it contains a range of clichés taken from various essays on the internet. For being sure of the uniqueness of each written essay, the works are double-checked for plagiarism by specially designed professional tools. 

Furthermore, you can be confident in the quality of obtained work. In case you`re not satisfied with any part of the essay, professional college writers are ready to propose an unlimited number of revisions. If you’re still not happy with the work, another writer can be asked to complete your assignment for free.            

How to find the best essay writer?

Strong competition amongst online writing and editing services has led to the increasing amount of personal requirements for the staff. Online services are always in search of the best essay writers. Most of them work for the four most popular essay web companies. In the article, we`ll consider the features and particularities of these services separately.


This company is an excellent choice for the students searching for the best quality and a reasonable price. More than 97% of the customers were highly satisfied with the flexible service and quick delivery. In just a decade the company has built up a considerable reputation as a successful essay writing service, having completed more than 700 000 orders. 

From the first sight to the site you will notice a well-organized structure of the service, user-friendly layout, well-selected choice of colors, and understandable navigation. All these characteristics help clients save time and easily choose a writer for handling your assignment. The service of this company is believed to be the cheapest of all and one of the best. You have to pay only half of the price as a down payment! Completing your assignment takes only 3 hours! It sounds really impressive!


In just 13-year time the company has completed thousands of essays and earned an awesome reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy writing services. The number of satisfied clients is increasing every day. Many customers stay loyal to them from the day when the service started its work. The ever-increasing number of well-qualified writers is the key to a company’s success on the market despite strong competition from other writing services. EssayBox hires only professionals. 

According to the statistics, just 6 % of applicants can become members of the staff. In addition, the company regularly assesses their work making sure that the quality of written works is increasing over time. Numerous customers` reviews on the home page prove that you have chosen a good company for completing the most difficult assignment. This company must be chosen in case you need application essays, research papers, term papers, or any other works needed in high school, college, or later when people receive a Master’s degree or PhD.


This service is specially designed for demanding customers who can afford to pay an additional price and be sure of the unsurpassed quality of the completed work. Creativity, interesting content for readers, and uniqueness are at the top of their work. Only well-qualified people, proficient in various disciplines can become writers in this writing center. Most authors hold Masters’s or PhD degrees from the best universities of the UK, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

These are customers who choose an expert-level writer or a top-level level writer to fulfill the task. If you choose a more qualified writer, be ready to pay up to 40 %. The company gives a possibility for the customer to communicate directly with the chosen writer. 

They can do it before, during, and after the work is finished. You can discuss the content of the work, change something during the work if needed. It would become a great opportunity to be better at writing yourself. Customer support works 7 days a week without days off. The BookwormLab team will get your inquiry as soon as you send it. They`ll also provide all the necessary details about the follow-up process. 


British universities and colleges are considered to be one of the most prestigious in the world. Students living and studying in colleges or high schools in the UK have to master British English. Being very skillful in writing essays is an essential skill during the studying process. Several subtle criteria are assessed: using diverse grammatical and lexical structures, adding good organizational patterns, using appropriate tone.

EssayFactory is a place where each student can find a qualified writer to complete a given assignment. The customers will be impressed by the set of bonuses provided for free: 

  • Unlimited number of revisions in case the client is not satisfied with the content of the essay or chosen materials;
  • The client gets the first-page sample of the paper;
  • Bibliography and a title page are done for free too;
  • A list of free essay samples is given in a comprehensive library on the site. The texts are conveniently sorted according to the field of science.

As in other previously mentioned services EssayFactory is free of plagiarism. So, your paper will be original and unique 100 %.

How do people hire writers?

To hire a professional writer, the first thing that you need to do is to choose a suitable service. The next step is to hire an expert. If you feel yourself not quite sure and you don’t know how to structure the essay, chat with the customer support team. Firstly, they`ll help you fill in a short inquiry form and discuss the details of the work. This procedure is free of charge. You`ll just need to provide the following details:

  • The topic of your paper;
  • A required style;
  • The number of pages or words required;
  • Several sources of information and their level;
  • Special features of the essay: it can be tone, thesis statement, language choice, and other elements of design.

As many details would be welcomed as possible. In some cases, a professional writer and a customer can communicate online or on the phone to clear up important issues and make all the necessary adjustments during the process of writing the paper. 

First, you will receive the first draft of completed work on your email address or any other social networking sites. After approving and giving some comments on the paper you would need to wait for a final version. Remember to provide the writer with contact information and monitor all the messages regularly in order not to miss an urgent letter from a professional college writer.    

Can professional essay writers guarantee anonymity?

It is a long process of gaining customers’ trust and reputation of a reliable company. However, losing a customer`s credibility could be rather simple. So writers and managers of online essay services always keep in secret their clients` details and information about the assignment. The company’s success is based on the customer`s confidentiality. That is why choosing the right company is the key to success.

Ordering from the above-mentioned essay writing services guarantees not only the quality of the text but also the security and confidentiality of any given personal information. The companies include secure protocols when processing the information about a client, required paper, and handling payment transactions. Only two people have access to your order information. They are a writer and an administrator from the customer support department.

When a client receives the work, personal details and the original version of the essay are kept in the system for another month. Later the files are deleted. It is possible to ask the administrator to delete the data even earlier.

Can you find another essay writer online besides the ones employed by special services?

An attempt to find a writer in social media can lead to damaging consequences for the customer. If you are not willing to risk your personal information and money, choose a specially designed company for completing a writing assignment. When hiring private writers, you can’t be 100% sure in/her qualification and consequently the quality of the work. In most cases, it’s very difficult to distinguish a professional writer from a cheater. 

Another possible drawback is wasting money and time on badly qualified writers. In addition, nobody can guarantee that your work won’t be sold again in case the cheater gets a similar assignment from another person. The text will finally lose its uniqueness and the student will be penalized by the professor determining the plagiarism. 

What types of essays can I get in writing services?

The writers working for top-notch essay services, like 99Papers, EssayFactory, and others, are experts in various types of essays. They are skilled enough to write philosophy or a history essay on a very high level meeting formal requirements. Here’s the list of essay writers who can write a perfect paper.

Philosophy essay writers

Students whose major is philosophy are very often required to write this type of essay. But it is not an easy type. Profound knowledge of the subject, as well as an intellectual cast of mind, are required to complete the assignments given to students, who have to be able to generalize complex phenomena and clearly express their opinion and opposite point of view. Qualified writers are perfectly competent to complete the task. Just check that you have provided all the information about your assignment.

Persuasive essay writers

The goal of persuasive essays is to prove your point of view and to convince the target reader of your opinion. Like other types of essays, persuasive essays require high-level knowledge of a given field of study as well as great fluency, and a high level of English. Experienced writers will easily cope with such tasks. A thorough and well-organized effort will leave your professors with a strong impression.

Argumentative essay writers

Thinking of the right arguments is the key aspect of a successful argumentative essay. Initially, thoughtful research analysis of the theme is needed to fulfill the task. As this essay type is most common for graduate studies, the students are supposed to use an evidence-based approach and critical thinking. 

Application essay writers

Students’ application success can be possible only if the application essay is written in a perfectly organized way. This type of work is often used by undergraduates. Students write about what they hope to achieve in this or that university course. Experts-writers will cope with such assignments professionally without spending too much time. 

English essay writers

A good mastery of the English language, British or American variant, is needed to write an essay on any adjacent science, such as literature, history, art, music, etc. A professional college writer will be capable of completing these assignments in a well-organized way. However, it would be better to avoid non-native speakers for this particular type of work.

Admission essay writers

Do not underestimate the importance of admission essays even though they are usually very short. It normally takes a page or a maximum of 500 words. To inspire committee members, you should release your opinion in a precise and clear way. In this case, a professional writer has to understand your statement or a statement of purpose. So talk to the author on the phone before the process of writing.

Scholarship essay writers

Convincing a scholarship committee that only you deserve the possibility to study in a chosen sphere is the main aim of writing this type of essay. A scholarship essay should play a role of a window into your unique world. Don`t waste your time trying to write a perfect scholarship essay, leave this work for professional college writers discussing all the possible details beforehand.

Bottom line

There are so many advertisements for private essay writers. Moreover, search engines provide a list of services, which convince you that they have the best writers ready to complete your task. But be careful with everything you read online and do not take everything for granted especially when you are willing to send your first inquiry. 

First, choose some services and analyze the conditions of ordering an essay. take a close look at the services that were listed above in this article. You will see that the writers from different services are capable of helping with any type of work. But the quality of the paper won`t be appropriate. So, choose a top-notch service to fulfill the task according to your needs and the budget.

If fast delivery speed and not very expensive work is at the top of your priorities, go with 99Papers. If you need a reliable service to cope with anxiety over some security issues, choose EssayBox as one of the most trustworthy services. Searching for the best quality? BookwormLab is your choice, but be ready to pay an additional amount of money to hire top-level writers. Do you study in the UK? British English writers work for EssayFactory. Open its home page to fill in an inquiry for your essay.    

If you want to have a well-structured and professionally written essay, go for the services which guarantee the security of your data, the quality of the given work as well as a set of bonuses to pay less money for a perfectly coherent essay. We hope that this article was useful, as we tried to propose trustworthy websites that can help save time for other academic tasks while a professional college writer is completing the assignment. 


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