Products that You Need to Buy from Your Hairdresser!


Are you always happy after your hairdresser used her or his magical hands and let the fantasy run? Your hair falls perfectly behind your shoulders and that one lock of hair is perfectly curled? Unfortunately, you will quickly find yourself in a more realistic setting; you realize that you will not be able to create that look yourself… And although we understand that you do not want to buy all the accessories, lotions and serums your hairdresser is using (pricewise or maybe you just do not have so much time in the morning), we definitely would suggest that you buy a few products from the hairdresser instead of your local drugstore. Do you want to know why and which products? Read through the info below!


To begin with, did you know that everything around you has a certain pH-level? This simply means that everything around you has a certain acidity level, the same means for your hair composition. When you wash your hair with products that have a different acidity (thus pH-) level, it might occur that your hair gets damaged. The chance of this happening when you buy your hair products at your hairdresser is much less, since most hairdressers sell products which contain the same pH value as your hair!

The perfect haircut!

You probably recognize the setting described above; you really love the hair coupe, but you are not sure how to reproduce it. Therefore, we absolutely suggest investing in some of the hairdresser’s products, such as a styling foam and a hairspray; the most important products which you can use in order to recreate the look of your hair that the hairdresser made. Do not forget your hairdresser should show you how she used the products in your hair; buy the products and start practicing at home!  

Other products that might come in handy

So, two big benefits; firstly, your hair will not get damaged by the use of ‘cheap’ hair products and the pH-level of these, and secondly; you are most probably able to recreate the coupe your hairdresser made! Besides those two big benefits, there are three products that might come in beneficial and handy when you are trying to take care of your hair in a good way; shampoo, conditioner and CBD oil. For the shampoo and the conditioner, the same benefits as above count; the pH-level will be in line with the level of your hair, and you will be better able to recreate the style. Buying the CBD oil knows another benefit; it helps make your hair stronger and thicker! (CBD oil can also be bought on online websites, for example via this wholesale CBD site).


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