Prime-Coin Review – Secure Trading With Prime-Coin [2022]

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Are your funds secure with your trading platform? Prime-Coin guarantees safety of your money and portfolio with end to end encryption and cutting edge technology.

Introduction to Prime-Coin

One of the underdogs of the e-trade revolution, Prime-Coin is not restricted by geographical location. It is an online platform utilizing the latest in cutting edge technology to quickly rise to the top. Starting out as a small trader, Prime-Coin’s commitment to its clientele allowed it to reach great heights.

Following strict protocols regarding AML (Anti-Money Laundering), Prime-Coin has an unending promise to uphold safety and sanctity of client funds.

Types of Products Offered

Ensuring that their clients never miss out on new age products or even traditional options, Prime-Coin has a wide range of investment and trading opportunities. Prime-Coin’s latest offering are CFDs (contracts for differences) which allow the client to speculate on the price increase or decrease without actually owning the asset.

Similarly, digital wallets and digital currencies (also known as cryptocurrencies) feature heavily on their e-trade platform.

Not just that, equity and stock indices are also available for investment purposes.

Commodities and energy CFD’s, including precious metals are available for the investor.


Account Types

Prime-Coin understands that not all clients are the same. Every client has different risk metrics, deposit affordability and investment preference. Therefore, they have three different types of accounts to provide ease of access to every individual.

The accounts that are available are:

  • Beginner account:

This account is for individuals who are just starting out in the e-trading world. This account has the minimum deposit requirement and basic leverage provision.

  • Intermediate Account:

This account is for individuals who have some experience in the e-trading world and can take risks with higher leverage opportunities.

  • Expert Account:

An account catering to the needs of advanced and institutional investors, this type of trading account has the highest possible leverage provision.

leverage provision

Regulatory Net

Since Prime-Coin does not fall under any specific geographical location, it is not bound by any particular tax laws. The regulation governing its day to day trade activities fall under the gambit of AML. Furthermore, specific data security laws govern its technological service offerings. End-to-end encryption and SSL protection ensure privacy and security of user data.

Trading Platforms

Prime-Coin has a seamless, easy to use trading platform available to use from a web browser. This platform has access to interactive trading charts, in depth analysis of various investment options and detailed information regarding performance of products over time.

Similarly, comparison between equities is available, so the investor can decide which equity to invest in.

Furthermore, a training manual is available for investors to acquaint them with the usage of the platform. This training is also available via a video link depending on customer preference.

Lately, Prime-Coin has also invested in a mobile application, which is available for download on iOS App Store and Android Play Store. However, this application doesn’t have good reviews as yet because users complain about it crashing and various bugs hampering end user performance. This is definitely something Prime-Coin needs to work on to improve to allow for easy trading on the go.

Trading With Prime-Coin

When you decide to start your journey with Prime-Coin, there is a simple step by step process that will get you live and ready to trade.

  1. Visit their website and register your interest by giving them your email
  2. Confirm your email address via the link received in your inbox and choose the option to request a call back. You can choose what time you wish to be contacted and provide your contact number.
  3. Their customer service representative will call you on the allotted time and discuss your needs in depth. They will also read their terms and conditions to ensure you are aware of everything before committing.
  4. You can choose what type of account you are interested in.
  5. Once you are sure about everything, they will request a copy of your passport or any other form of government issued photo identification that includes your date of birth.
  6. Once your identification is verified, your account will go live.
  7. You can now fund your account via Visa, Mastercard or Wire Transfer.
  8. Choose leverage options if required.
  9. Start Trading!


As a relatively newer e-trader, Prime-Coin has slightly high fees for its clients. However, their fee structure improves as your trade portfolio value rises. Therefore, it is beneficial to trade higher amounts with Prime-Coin.

Start Trading Today!

Overall, our opinion of Prime-Coin is that they are a safe and reliable option for your investing and trading needs. Fees is a slight downside but that can be countered by trading bigger amounts. Dedicated customer support is available for investors 24/7. So start trading with Prime-Coin today!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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