Potential Reasons to Hire a Maintenance Engineer – How he Helps Your Startup Flourish


There’s no doubt when we say that nearly every type of industry, regardless of which industrial firm you belong to, has been a victim of technical skill gap. When we say technical skills gap, we mean the difficulty in hiring and recruiting the best maintenance technicians who can fulfill the required tasks that help the facility to run in an optimum way. 

Due to the lack of adequate maintenance engineer job responsibilities and the workarounds that a company can use to deal with this shortage, may result in deferred maintenance, frequent downtime, maintenance errors, depreciation of assets, longer downtime, safety hazards and much more. These shortfalls usually lead to a reduction in OEE or overall equipment effectiveness, thereby setting an adverse impact on the company bottom line. 

Manufacturers usually realize it later that these delays and detrimental impacts are unsustainable. There is a constant challenge in the industry to find the best technically skilled maintenance technicians. Do you know what a maintenance technician does? How does he help your facility to function ideally? Read on to know more on this. 

Facilities Maintenance Technician – What does he do?

Considering the bigger picture, maintenance technicians are deemed to be the bridge that keeps the facility to operate in a way it should. Here are the ways in which a technician helps your company:

  • Reduced downtime
  • Safety-focused
  • Improved efficiency
  • Optimized productivity
  • Incredible reliability
  • Better profitability

These are the main standards that are crucial for determining the business profitability. The maintenance technicians contribute in different ways. Whenever there is a gap in technical workforce, you’ll find shortfalls in all the above-listed areas. This could have long-term and short-term negative impact on your business. 

A highly-skilled maintenance engineer will have the ability to perform different types of tasks. Based on your specific operations and industry, a maintenance partner will assign a technician with the skills that are required to perform predictive and preventive maintenance on your machines. The tasks offered by maintenance technicians are:

  • Preventive maintenance: The maintenance technicians are always working hard to keep your equipment and machinery working properly. A key part of this entire process is preventive maintenance. Make sure this is performed based on the specific requirements of your facility. 
  • IIoT technologies: Thanks to their several years of experience that is entirely focused on industry maintenance, a maintenance technician can assist you in updating and upgrading your maintenance equipment, systems, and practices when needed. This even includes remote monitoring, CMMS, sensors and more. 
  • Predictive maintenance: With the right kind of predictive maintenance in place, make sure you have assigned the best workforce who can actively supervise data and offer the best actionable insights. 
  • MRO supply and storeroom management: When you invest in any type of maintenance solution, this will help you understand the efficiencies through the plant floor. You will find improvements in repairable parts management, storeroom management, and also the supply chain. Maintenance partners cover ordering, procurement, inventory systems, part repairs, vendor, warranty management, and much more. 

Reasons you should never do maintenance on your own

If you still don’t know the deferred maintenance meaning and how it can impact your bottom line, you should check out the reasons of hiring a professional maintenance technician. 

  • TECHNICIANS ARE TRAINED: Instead of saving some upfront money in doing maintenance on your own, it is always better to hire experts as they are well-trained and experienced in maintaining a facility. 
  • TECHNICIAN TASKS ARE IN-DEPTH: During an appointment, an HVAC technician ensures everything is working properly. They not only check the device but also look for indications of further issues. 
  • TECHNICIAN TUNE UPS SAVE MONEY: Homeowners or industry owners don’t understand the indications of a future problem. This can be understood by expert and professional technicians.

It’s never too late to schedule professional maintenance technician for your facility. Hire one and reap the above listed benefits. 


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