Post-2020: Renewal of Medical Tourism Industry in Europe

Medical Tourism Industry in Europe

Things are changing all the time. The same is true for the medical tourism industry as it is bringing back after the challenging 2020. It is expected to grow up to $2 bln this year. Clinics and healthcare providers proposing the best trustworthy offers will definitely succeed. So how is it going on with the EU medical tourism right now?

As things stand

Europe will remain the most popular destination for medical tourists due to advanced technologies, affordable prices, and better health and safety protocols. COVID-19 has a massive impact on all countries, where medical tourists amounted to approximately a million per year. These regions were strictly barred from access, flights and visa services were restricted.

Despite this, Europe undertakes measures to stimulate the medical travel industry’s growth and starts to reopen borders for medical tourists. The European Commission has presented the Re-open EU platform, providing the current state and terms on travels to the EU in real-time. It contains the frameworks for medical tourism companies, hotels, and other services that can be engaged in healthcare treatment.

How to get in

Sure it may be insecure to travel to other countries for treatment. But those who will take a risk will gain advantages of EU healthcare. Whether you want to go, Austria or Spain, you will find the best caring approach.

The European Commission assesses that medical tourism arrivals to other EU countries will rise to approximately 800,000 new persons. An established European Directive on cross-border healthcare is driving up this growth. The need for urgent treatment is the crucial reason tourists will be able to enter Europe. Besides, they must have an invitation letter from the clinic to confirm the intention to take medical maintenance.

All that remains is to choose the right clinic. The Bookimed platform will perform the best, allowing fast and reliable searching for the perfect match without extra charge. Here you can get 24/7 free assistance for medical trip arrangements and direct prices from the best-certified clinics in over 31 countries. Germany is one of the examples. Almost 250,000 patients from different member countries take medical treatment there each year. You can find the respective hospital either by rate or by type of procedure — from diagnostics and radiotherapy to rehabilitation and wellness services.

Get a boost

Studies show that 53% of the EU medical tourists are willing to obtain healthcare services in another European country. According to Eurostat and IPK International, the medical tourism industry in the EU previously amounted to almost 56 mln domestic and approximately five mln international arrivals. And there must be more stories.

Most medical tourists prefer to take treatment and assistance in the EU due to its high-quality and reliable services, keen prices, best-class procedures, and place itself. Germany, Spain, and France remain the confidence-builders regarding the medical standards, innovations, and healthcare packages.

Upgrading health

European hospitals are widely known as the premium healthcare centers, while Europe seems to be the best medical treatment destination for European and overseas patients. Medical tourism companies provide a significant number of healthcare services at lower costs than the USA or Canada.

The most popular procedures and average price ranges are:

  • breast augmentation — $700-$8,000;
  • bone marrow transplantation — from $60,000 to $100,000;
  • brain tumor — up to $10,000, which is three times cheaper than in the USA;
  • knee replacement —$7,000, in comparison to $40,000 in the USA;
  • biopsy — from $600;
  • reproductive services — up to $3,500.

This list goes on. The prices vary significantly depending on the country. For example, Poland and the Czech Republic have both more affordable offers in comparison to Germany or Switzerland. Fund savings is one of the reasons why most patients travel to another country for treatment. In some cases, patients can save up to 50%. But besides acceptable costs, the excellence of services, and certified doctors, they obtain superb post-treatment care and vacation to a new place in one proposal.

Put it together

The medical tourism industry has priority for patients who can manage their health and countries as it boosts economic development and helps to come out on top. Europe, with its multicultural background and variety of offers, will keep its positions. And medical tourism will be a win-win way to improve health and visit other countries simultaneously.


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