Popular Cartoon and Anime Slots

The demand for cartoons and anime is constantly growing. The iconic, sometimes overdrawn characters have certain character traits and follow popular stereotypes that fit perfectly into slots. The following article is primarily about the most popular anime and cartoons in the slot universe.

Popular Anime Games in Casinos 

If you are not interested in anime and cartoons alone, you should get an overview of the games offered by a casino operator in advance. In principle, you can access the individual slot games and the portfolio even without a customer account. Not every casino offers such a broad selection that caters to all needs. Horsebetting.com, for example, offers users a VIP programme with numerous bonuses and the opportunity to try out the entire range without risk before putting their own money to work. The main focus here is on progressive jackpots and a wide and varied range of slots.

The slot or gaming machine goes back to the classic one-armed bandit, as it still stands in many casinos today. The game principle has remained unchanged for decades, as it combines a short pastime with excitement and the chance to win the jackpot. Only the principles and the designs have changed, so today there are cartoon and anime machines, alongside historical games, action, science fiction and adventures. 

What are anime?

In principle, an anime is a Japanese cartoon with a characteristic portrayal of individual characters. In contrast, a manga is a still print based on the US American model of cartoons. Anime is now produced for all age groups and has also become the model for many games and slots. What awaits the player is a firework of different colours and often exaggerated colouring, which is a trademark of Japanese cartoons. The term comes from the English language and comes from animation, so these cartoons include all animated images in this sense. 

These Are the Top Anime & Manga Slots

Games like the Koi Princess slot are among the absolute top sellers and popular choices today. They take their inspiration from manga and score with many lucrative features and different winning ways. The game is played on five reels with 20 lines. There are wild symbols as well as many free spins that enable even faster wins. Coveted in this slot is the bonus wheel, which gives every player the chance to hit the jackpot.

Super Graphics Super Lucky Slot has made it its business to bring especially the bright colours into the game. On 3 × 5 reels, a total of 12 free spins and many lucrative wins beckon. Players appreciate the iconic design, most new players are first impressed by the variety of colours. In contrast, Mistress for Fortune is all about the elements of earth, wind, water and fire. At the centre of the game is the cool dragon, which can unlock five free games with its three dragon symbols on the reels. The entire design is reminiscent of Japanese models.

Dragon Ball offers all fans of the anime of the same name the chance to go into battle against Piccolo. There are a total of 25 paylines on five reels. This game focuses 100% on variety, entertainment and action. Slotomon Go is dedicated to popular pocket monsters and thus creates an excellent comic game. The players’ task is to spin the reels and go on the hunt for their favourite Slotomons in order to secure the coveted free spins and winnings. Those who are looking for carton slots in particular should compare the entire range of casinos before making their decision. The first thing to look at is the selection of slot machines and the themed worlds, followed by discounts, bonus promotions and the security and protection of your own customer data.


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