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Nowadays everyone is playing online games. But what if you can play and earn money at the same time? Sounds like a good deal right? Yes, you guys heard it right. Earning money while playing online games is a real deal and there are a lot of options available for the same. But which one to choose from is the real question. No worries, here is one of the best online gaming platforms for gamers who want to earn money by playing games on smartphones. Are you also fond of playing online games and also want to earn money from them? Then go through the article to know all about the real money-making online game- Poker with amazing poker strategies.

Online poker is a card game to be played online. This is one of the most popular games and it completely depends upon skills and luck. Also, it is legal to play in India but make it sure above 18 years before playing the game. Casino Friday is one the most popular and reliable game with a fun weekend theme.

Now let us know about poker strategies:

  • Think about ranges, not hands: For beginner players, it is good to try and put somebody on a specific poker hand. And for experienced players, think about ranges.
  • Ditch your favorite hand: If you possess a favorite hand of starting, that is good but do not make it preferential.
  • Adopt a consistent strategy: Apply a winning strategy consistently, to become an expert player.
  • Always have a reason: Always have an obvious reason, when you break from their standard and successful strategies.
  • Know when to fold your aces: The skill of knowing when to fold an overpair will make you a good player.
  • Realize tilt-only hurt you: Realizing tilt will only break your strategy, dream, and bankrolls.
  • Too much bluffing is bad: Do not use the conception of bluffing, which is bad.
  • Choosing opponent: While you select the player for opponent choose a player who will be as good as you are.
  • Opponent’s card: you need to have an idea about the strength of the opponent’s card.
  • Suited card: Do not overrate suited cards, it is just a myth.

Before testing out your poker strategies, know the basic rules of the game;

  • The pack: The game is generally played with 52 cards, but sometimes people use the 2 joker cards also.
  • Card value/ scoring: A player, who knows the principles of betting and also the value of poker, can easily win the game.
    • Five of a kind: games that include the wild card for a joker, then the hand will occur there and it will be the highest.
    • Straight flush: the games which are played without the presence of the wildcard, this is the highest hand that will occur there.
    • Four of a kind: this is the highest hand after the straight, where no wild will be used.
    • Full house: This will occur when you have three cards of the same number and two cards of another but the same numbers.
    • Flush: this will occur only when five cards of the same suit will occur but they will not be in a sequence
    • Straight: straight will occur only when 5 cards of different suits will occur but they will all be in a sequence.
    • Three of a kind: When three cards of the same number and two cards half the different number address and then three of a kind will occur.
    • Two pairs: this will only be possible when a player gets three cards of the same number and two cards of different numbers but the same number, and the fifth one will be a completely different number of them.
    • Only one pair: when the cards you have make only one pair and all the other cards do not make any player with each other then this is called one pair.
    • None make a pair: when the cards you have make no pair with each other then it makes no pairs.
  • Betting: This is a game of chip management, so betting is the foundation for the game.  
  • Know when to bet: Always, have the skills to know when to bet, which is generally based on mathematics.
  • Table stakes: In this the number of chips that are present on your table will set your limit
  • Bet in limits: In this the player has to set a limit to his bet and this can be done in many different ways.
  • Without limits: This is a very rarely played game as people do not prefer playing games where there is no limit.
  • Draw and stud poker: In this game, the players have to decide which form the players would like to play.
  • Put a limit to the time: This is a very important part of the game as it is very important to set some time limit for your team.

Knowing poker strategies is going to boost your performance as well as your winning chances in cash games online.

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