Plant Sumo: Powering your Plant Based Diet

Plant Sumo


For a long time everyone thought that the restaurant and food industry had been cornered. Let’s face it, as Londoners, we have long been exposed to every different type of restaurant this city has to offer. From a tasteful high street Italian chain like Pizza Express, to authentic Korean cuisine offered at places like Gogi and Arang, our attention has been spoken for. 

However, this is about to change. There is a Vegan revolution that has been happening recently. From environmental reasons to healthy lifestyle concerns, more and more Londoners are choosing a diet that is free from meat and animal products. 

There is a new and dynamic food service that is now giving people who are turning vegan convenient catering. They are called Plant Sumo, and their plant based diet box is an exciting  new lunch option. 

What is Plant Sumo? 

Founded by a keen Restauranter called Wadah along with Entrepreneur Deepak Shukla, Plant Sumo is a restaurant and food delivery service that is providing the market with healthy vegan meals. 

Wadah has powered this venture with a keen commitment to quality based meals all sourced from fresh and organic ingredients. All of these ingredients are plant based and suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike. 

Operating out of Park Royal in London, Plant Sumo are well poised to become a high street presence as the demand for vegan meal options grows. 

Introducing the ‘Plant Based Diet Box’

The interesting thing about Plant Sumo that differentiates them from a traditional restaurant is that they are really providing plant based meals with simplicity in mind. It is not so much like a menu with appetisers or side dishes. It is much more about providing customers with a nutritious  meal, delivered in a practical, simple and convenient box. 

The Owners have coined this menu item as the Plant based Diet Box. It’s a vegan meal that will cater for anyone’s lunch time requirements. When placing an order, all someone would need to do would be to request a box for takeaway. It’s as simple as that. 

There are an array of main dishes that the company is currently providing and there are three in particular that will cater to any Londoner’s diverse palette

These dishes can be sampled in Plant Sumo’s Selection Box. It’s a delivery box that provides samples of their most popular dishes. There is a word that Plant Sumo uses when referring to its Selection box and that word is Omokase’. It’s a japanese word that means ‘Trust the Chef’. 

When ordering this box, you are trusting that Plant Sumo will provide you with some of the most tasteful yet affordable dishes the Vegan catering market has to offer. 

The Four Dishes.

The three dishes that spoke most to us of their Plant based diet box were the Marinara V Balls, the Soul Curry and the Seitan Stir fry. Each dish represents a commitment to all of our cultural culinary preferences as well as providing food that is plant based and animal product free.

The Marinara V Balls is an italian tribute to a Plant based meal. The base is wholemeal Penne, drizzled with Arrabatia and then complemented with Tofu, Seitan, canneloni beans and mushroom which composes their vegan meatballs 

The next dish is referred to as their Soul Curry. This will undoubtedly be a favourite with any Londoner with our loyalty to Asian food. It’s a delectable mix of Potato chunks, spinach, banana shallots along with Chickpeas and black beluga lentils. We really thought that this was a real tribute to any fan of vegetarian curry. It was served with organic fluffy jasmine rice and crushed cashew nuts. 

Their third dish is a tribute to our fondness for Asian Fushion food. It’s a stirfry at its heart with vegetarian noodles and stir fried Spicy and sweet orange and chilli seitan. It’s also stirfried with Shitake and oyster mushrooms, spring onion and baby corn and beansprouts, as well as peppers and ginger. 

Their final dish is probably their crowning achievement to any plant based meal and that is what they call ‘Da Mac’. It consists of simple yet tasteful macaroni shells that are drizzled in a creamy blend of garlic and pureed pumpkin with fiery mustard grains and sweet shallots. 


What is the most striking detail about plant sumo is that their Plant based boxes really provide an easy alternative to what could be very complicated dishes for any vegan to make on their own.

You can place a subscription to boxes to be delivered to your workplace multiple times a week. Plant Sumo, Let’s watch this space.  


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