Planning to Buy a Home? 5 Tips to Get a Home Loan With Ease

Home Loan

For most eager homeowners, taking a home loan is obligatory to reach the price of buying a house. Nevertheless, as home loans conserve the amount of money, their applications are accepted only after a lot of deliberation. This is to make sure that there are no bad debts and the borrower reimburse the loan amount on time.

Nonetheless, an ordinary mistake can cause a rejection of a home loan. A rejection of a home loan can influence the credit score of the borrower and will uplift a red flag for the other lenders. However, home loans are dissimilar as compared to other kinds of borrowing, specifically because the amount consist is much more than the personal, education, and auto loan. While applying for a home there are numerous features that a borrower requires to approach. From submitting documents to calculating equated monthly installment (EMI) and benefits of the tax, observing every detail is important.

Thus, people applying for a home loan are required to come up with a comprehensive plan before they apply for the home loan. It is important to Compare Home Loans from different providers so that you may know which one suits your requirements the most. Despite that, below mentioned are five tips to get a home loan with ease.

Let us look at 5 tips to get a home loan.

1. Know your financial condition

First look at whether you are financially stable to repay the loan. One of the main needs of accessing a home loan is to clear your EMIs on time. Many of the lenders will have at least salary requirements that differ from city to city.

For illustration- if you reside in Delhi or Mumbai, their basic salary requirements will be approximately 50,000 pm. But, if you reside in Pune or Bangalore, the salary requirements will be 45.000pm. Knowing to ensure that your home loan application gets accepted. If your financial situation is not good, you can apply for a naca loan as well.

2. Pay higher down payment

After you come to know the price of the property you desire to buy, attempt to pay at least 20% of that sum amount as a down payment. The less money you borrow, the fewer you require to repay. It may also get you a less interest rate and make lenders manage you as a customer who constitutes a less risk to their finances.

3. Maintain your credit score  

There are various ways to raise your home loan eligibility. Many lenders will check your CIBIL score before accepting your home loan. Your CIBIL score will indicate how good you are with your investment, your preceding home loan due, and how much new loan you can pay back.

To maintain a good CIBIL score for a home loan, you are required to have a clean financial record to date. Ensure that your credit card is not due, clear all your unfinished debt. Giving various applications for home loans can have an impact on your credit score if they get rejected. Select your lender cautiously and ensure that you only give the applications if you are certain of it being accepted.

4. Utilize the co-applicant feature

If you can, attempt to get your parents or spouse to become a co-applicant. This can particularly uplift the chances of your applications getting selected, mainly if your co-applicant is also receiving an income. Banks permit you to join the net income of your parents or spouse while applying for a home loan. This will notify them that you are completely competent in paying their loan in time, even if your salary alone does not make you an entitled borrower.

5. Pay attention to the application form and documents

One of the bad purposes for having a home loan application disapprove is a mistaken application form. Be extremely cautious while filling up the application form. Being completely known of the application form will ensure that there are no unseen clauses that could seize you off-guard later. Keep away from making omissions with your account number and with your salary details.


In the course of the home loan application process, it is really important to reveal all information that is pertinent to your application. Be sincere about the details you are giving to avoid a home loan rejection. If you are not certain about your eligibility calculator or home loan EMI calculator to keep away from home loan rejection.

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