Planning a Business Travel During The Covid-19 Pandemic

Planning for an international business trip during this season may not be an easy task. Due to the spread of the coronavirus disease, countries within Europe are initiating measures to help curb the spread of the virus. Some of the steps put down include travel bans and lockdowns. These measures can lead to delayed flights and flights being cancelled.

According to the EU regulation Nr.261/2004, all air passengers in European countries have a right to get an air ticket refund or an alternative flight. In some extreme cases, one has the right to cancel the flight or demand compensation.

Flightright helps air passengers to receive compensation when your flight is cancelled. The company has been operating for the last 20 years. However, specific terms and conditions make one eligible for a full refund and payment from flight companies. They are committed to ensuring the enforcement of passenger rights using an online approach that is legally acceptable. 

Passenger Rights in case of Flight Delay or Cancelation

As a passenger, it is essential to know what rights you have if you experience flight termination, either by you or the flight company. Below is a list of rights:

  • You have the right to get a ticket refund or alternative flight in the case where the flight company gave you notice about termination less than two weeks before the arranged departure date
  • The amount of payment depends on the flight distance
  • The passenger flight company should offer food and refreshment for the long waiting periods

Flightright allows you to check whether you are eligible for any refund or any form of repayment. The process is free and straightforward. 

The Compensation-Process in case of Flight Cancelation 

It is essential to understand that ticket refund and flight remuneration are not similar. It solely depends on whether the flight company made the error or the flight cancellation was the passenger`s fault. If the flight company is responsible for the termination, you should receive a full air ticket refund or a new flight.

If you initiate the flight termination and are already at the airport, the airline should offer you refreshments, two free calls or emails, and hotel accommodation. According to the EU regulation law, airlines have the full responsibility to inform passengers about any flight changes 14 days before the scheduled departure.


The diagram below displays a detailed overview of circumstances that may lead to passenger right to any form of repayment.

The airline may fail to notify passengers about the termination fourteen days before the scheduled departure in a few instances. In such a situation, Flightright checks for termination reasons before claiming a refund. In this case, the airline is responsible for all the charges. Reasons that may lead to such repayment procedures include:

  • Technical problems requiring maintenance
  • Weather disruptions

The European regulations are only applicable to the European Union. It only covers flights under the European Union. You should also be present at the airport and have sufficient time to check yourself in unless the cancelation was made before reaching the airport. 

How long do you have to make Compensation-Claims? 

Different countries have different laws on the period in which one can make a claim. In some countries such as Germany, passengers whose flight got cancelled have up to three years to claim. The period begins at the end of the year in which the cancellation process took place.

Passengers using airlines that have their headquarters in the UK have an extended period of up to six years to make their claim. Swedish airlines provide two months to produce complaints against the airline.

What to do if my flight is cancelled? 

The process is relatively straightforward, and you do not require any professional assistance. Once you receive a notice that your flight is cancelled, ask the flight company through writing to provide you with full details explaining the reasons for the cancelation.

Gather all the evidence, which includes the air ticket, receipts indicating expenses incurred, and vouchers. Visit the recommended airport restaurant and enjoy any complimentary drinks and food. 

How much compensation can I get for my cancelled Flight? 

A delayed flight can lead to long waiting periods at the airport. With this, you are entitled to more than whatever you receive as repayment regardless of whether the flight company is responsible for the termination or not. The company should provide all the affected passengers with food and refreshment during the waiting period.

On top of that, passengers receive two free phone calls and emails. The airline should offer these procedures without considering the reasons for flight termination, whether it is bad weather, technical problems, or strike action.

For distances less than 1500 km, with a delay period of over 2 hours, passengers receive complimentary snacks and drinks with two free calls. This process applies to medium distances between 1500 and 3500km and long distances above 3500 km.

If the airline reschedules the flight to the next day, it is their responsibility to arrange for the passenger’s accommodation in a hotel. The company should provide information in written form.
You are entitled to further repayment if you have met the following requirements;

  • The flight company is responsible for the cancellation
  • You had already checked in for your flight
  • The aircraft was supposed to depart from or land anywhere in Europe. The last option is only applicable for airlines whose headquarters are in the European Union.

The table below shows the amount of reimbursements for flights cancelled under the above-listed conditions.


It is important to note that you are fully entitled to a repayment of up to €600 even after full refunding the ticket. The provision of entertainment vouchers does not alleviate the airline’s responsibility to recompense. 

Bottom line 

It is difficult to predict what happens in the future, especially during the pandemic. Flights being cancelled is normal, and it is vital to know your rights in case of a cancelled flight. Flightright offers you the chance to check the amount you will receive in case of a delayed flight or the flight cancelled in Europe under the EU regulation and law.


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