Planfix Provides: Managing Tasks with Comfort and Freedom


The main idea about task management is being attentive to track everything and being considerate to take everything into account. These tasks are complicated, and modern conditions of the insane speed of life and demand for the best quality make the process even more tricky. Fortunately, task management systems like Planfix exist, that allow for great productivity and do not depend strongly on the scope of activity you’re occupied with. 

Why choose Planfix?

When you start thinking about holding your management in such a platform like Planfix, you encounter various difficulties related to the dependencies like:

  • the format of work you use – fully remote, hybrid, or fully on-site;
  • the area of activity – are you occupied in retailing, wholesale, manufacturing, or repair works, for example;
  • the set of additional actions you have to take to implement a task management platform – like hiring programmers, inviting consultants to teach your staff, and using customer service for every little modification you need to make.

All of these issues make you pay attention to Planfix and appreciate its universality along with usage simplicity. The creators realized the primary troubles people always have while trying to find a corresponding tool and made versatile simplicity the leading principle that provides freedom and comfort in any aspect of a team’s work.

The main advantages of the Planfix features

As the Planfix solution is multi-purpose, it has too many features to be mentioned. The most beneficial of them worth paying attention to are the following:

  • Whether you need to track a great project development or a small task setting, you have the conditions equally comfortable for both situations. This is characteristic of Planfix – it supports any size and scale.
  • Communication simplicity impresses. Particularly with the clientele – e-mail integration, providing access to the account and task info, etc. You can even use Planfix as a platform for PBX systems – the comfort level stays the same.
  • Personalized view. As you are a part of a team and some tasks are assigned to you, their changes are reflected in your personalized chronicles. You can also receive notifications on every status change, comment, or any other modification in the task. Adjust the platform to send messages to and the time you are available for work – and here you are.
  • Cooperation room. If you need a detailing or corrections by your client – provide access to the task and account, and set up the sorts of info he sees. If you work on some projects in cooperation with other teams or companies, use the advantages of linking your accounts to have shared access.
  • Visibility provided. Except for manipulating the information related to task management (like resource management and accounting), you can see the modifications you make progressively. Due to Gantt charts, user reports, planners, and other features, it becomes far easier to see how your tasks develop over time.

Thus, Planfix provides perfect conditions for setting internal and external communication, cooperation, and general management.

Pricing for everyone – find your best option

As the tool we describe is indeed versatile, the pricing is adaptable to various situations too. The main distinction is by the number of users that have access to the company account:

  • for teams of up to five people, Planfix provides free access;
  • beginning from six people, chargeable subscription works – Plan A includes up to 99 employees;
  • Plan B suggests 6 to 250 people work together using Planfix;
  • Plan X offers the greatest opportunities and allows for 6 to 1500 colleagues to use Planfix.

Business owners can also choose what kind of cooperation with the platform they prefer – long-term or short-term. The pricing depends also on the period you pay for. Thus, in the case of monthly billing, you pay far more per user per month than if you were billed once a year. Consider also that you should not pay to see the abilities of the tool – Planfix provides a 30-day-long trial period with the maximum opportunities for no charge. 

Looking at the benefits of Planfix, it becomes clear that it is complicated to reach such a balance of rich features and simple configuration. However, it is still possible, so the Planfix team offers you the best option possible. Use your chance to try now and feel the difference!


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