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All college students know that a persuasive essay is a kind of academic paper which is based on a specific writing approach – using arguments and logic to persuade the reader to accept your point of view. Key elements of such an essay are factual data, examples, expert opinion, long story short, anything that is research-based and has solid evidence or authority.

At the same time, many students either don’t have time to carry out profound research to comply with the above mentioned so many seek out assistance with this type of essays. There are professional online companies that have experts who can take care of writing persuasive essay on demand.

We looked into the supply and demand on the market to figure out the best writing service, and ended up with 2 that we believe can accommodate such needs and where one can hire a professional persuasive essay writer. Below you will find the description of their key benefits and guidelines on how to make an order and what to expect.

  • Online writing service #1 is BuyEssaySafe. You may just tell them “write my persuasive essay” and they’ll jump right in to do the job fast, professionally and at a fraction of a cost that you’d normally pay elsewhere.
  • Online writing service #2 is BuzzEssay. A dedicated persuasive essay writer from their vast pool of professional writers can deliver your order quickly and at a very reasonable price, without any compromising on quality whatsoever.

Finding a good persuasive essay writer used to be quite difficult, but these days college students can choose from a variety of companies to choose a reliable online writing service. Usually, such companies cover a lot of persuasive essay topics, types and elements, such as thesis statement for persuasive essay, persuasive essay introductions, persuasive argument essay etc. However, only a few of them have a pool of professional writers capable of delivering a top-notch paper.

It takes years of practice to become an expert writer in a certain field, especially when writing is of an academic nature. One can only imagine how much time and effort it takes to master several disciplines. In the majority of cases, companies would have to hire quite a number of writers to cater to all the needs of their customers, since not every writer would know how to write, say, a persuasive essay thesis or generally master persuasive writing essay or any other type of academic paper.

A persuasive essay writer providing professional service is usually a highly skilled writer in general. In order to ensure the consistency of the high quality work, they undergo rigorous training and qualification. Such service as BuyEssaySafe have a sophisticated selection process and writer rating system which allows them to monitor customer satisfaction continuously. BuzzEssay writing service is also famous for their quality control, working closely with their writers in order to improve the quality of their work.

Who is an ideal persuasive essay writer?

  • A person with an investigative state of mind
  • One who mastered their writing skills
  • A good data miner
  • A person with a wide array of interests
  • A charismatic individual with the power of persuasion
  • Someone with a “can do” attitude
  • One who has an open mind and flexibility
  • Not just a good writer, but a good speaker too

Many college students are natural born writers on any topic and can actually become an excellent persuasive essay writer without a need to study how to do it. Just like in almost any group of people, you may spot a natural leader. For some people with the skills mentioned above, becoming a professional does not require special education or hours of hard work – mastering a new discipline can be simple and easy. 

Where do I start to write my persuasive essay?

  • Start with identifying the sources of information
  • Go online to check the facts about the topic
  • Always confirm statements or facts
  • Consult with professionals in a particular field of knowledge
  • Make a writing plan and schedule
  • Approach ideas from different point of views
  • Discuss ideas with other people
  • Have a look at an example of persuasive writing essay
  • Figure out which online service can help you
  • Discuss it with your fellow students

These are just general ideas on how one should approach writing persuasive essay as such. Many would find that it is actually really very time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and energy. When it comes to writing a rather difficult academic paper, many people simply outsource it to a professional service online. Sometimes it is actually easier to hire a persuasive essay writer to save time and avoid stress.

Why do people choose BuyEssaySafe?

This company provides a variety of essay writing services, including editing and proofreading. They cover almost any topic and discipline, since they have a great pool of experts, which is, as mentioned previously in this article, is a great indicator of a professional approach to excellent academic writing. This is a great place to hire a persuasive essay writer (we actually ordered a thesis statement for persuasive essay). What do they have to offer, one may ask? Here’s what this online service is about:

  • Their prices are amongst lowest on the market
  • Quality of the paper does not depend on the price
  • Fast turnaround, the fastest option is just 3 hours
  • Friendly Customer Support that operates 24/7
  • Rigorous writers training and qualification system
  • We test-ordered a great persuasive essay writer from them
  • They write on various persuasive essay topics
  • Customer confidentiality is well maintained
  • Various payment method options
  • Strict adherence to deadlines
  • Unlimited revisions option comes standard
  • An opportunity to communicate with writers directly
  • Flexible discount system for returning customers
  • Regular promotions with free perks

All and all, you for some reason you can’t (or don’t want to) master writing persuasive essay, these guys are ready to help. Being one of the most recognized on the market, they have helped thousands of people already, and the word of mouth keeps spreading their customer’s success stories.

Why do people choose BuzzEssay?

To have another empirical experience with a persuasive essay writer from another top company and create the same “environment” and conditions as with our order with the first company, so we went ahead and ordered another thesis statement for persuasive essay, although originally we were planning to simply ask them to “write my persuasive essay” (persuasive argument essay, to be precise) and see how it goes. So, after the job was done successfully, here is what we’ve experienced throughout the process:

  • We chatted with their support and had our questions answered within minutes
  • We were offered a welcoming discount of 5%
  • They managed to find a persuasive essay writer in about 10 minutes
  • The deadline was met perfectly
  • We made 2 revisions (on purpose), they came free of charge
  • The writer clearly understood the requirements right away
  • We were offered a discount towards our next order
  • They provided a free originality report
  • Proofreading was an option to choose (which is nice to have)
  • The final paper can be downloaded and sent to an email
  • We placed a free inquiry on a hypothetical (more specific) second order and the writer was matched as soon as in 15 minutes.
  • They assured us of confidentiality and complete privacy with our order and personal details

A very positive experience overall, and the quality of the final paper was great. Definitely, they are on top of the market and positive customer feedback is a solid ground for their reputation online when it comes to finding a great persuasive essay writer.


The ordering process is quite similar for both companies. It starts with filling out a short form with the details of your order. It includes the type and level  of academic writing required, writing style, and number of pages. You can also provide a suggested title for the paper and any other details that you may find useful for the writer to create a masterpiece paper. 

Both companies’ Customer Support was very helpful when the questions arose and we needed some clarifications. All inquiries were handled in a professional way. Most importantly, they were available 24/7, and their response time was just about 2-3 minutes.

Both companies had a persuasive essay writer for hire available in roughly the same time – around 10-15 minutes, which is a great indicator of their capabilities, pool or writers and a variety of academic expertise.

Payment options are quite versatile, including both standard options like  credit card and modern day ones, like cryptocurrency. Indeed, such a combination of the widely used options gives an opportunity to benefit from their services to nearly any customer, regardless of the type of assignment, be it persuasive essay thesis, persuasive essay introductions or any other academic paper.

Overall, both companies responded to the request to write my persuasive essay fast and with great attention to detail, as well as great results. So, if you’re looking for a persuasive essay writer – look no further, simply task it to professional online services. This will surely help you save time, alleviate stress and relieve some academic pressure of modern day society.


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