People and the Planet – CSR Initiatives Sweeten Ferrero’s Success

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By Tammi L. Coles

For global businesses to thrive, “doing sustainability” is no longer an option. Tammi L. Coles spoke with recognised CSR researcher and author CB Bhattacharya about how this is revealed in the “People and the Planet” philosophy of the successful Ferrero Group.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and corporate sustainability have come to represent a broad range of ethics-driven standards for business practices that go above and beyond legal requirements for how corporations draw from and contribute to natural resources and social communities.

At ESMT Berlin, how companies communicate their ideals, engage stakeholders, and otherwise achieve their goals in CSR is the subject of study by Professor CB Bhattacharya, an internationally recognised researcher and author on corporate sustainability. Since 2014, Prof. Bhattacharya has held the Pietro Ferrero Chair in Sustainability, founded by the family-owned Ferrero Group – the confectionary company behind global brands like Nutella, Rocher, and Kinder. The Chair was named for the late Dr. Pietro Ferrero, who from 1997 until his untimely death in 2011 was company CEO together with his brother Giovanni. 

In keeping with its commitment to a “People and the Planet” philosophy, Ferrero’s latest annual CSR report and recent activities reaffirm its intention and practice of corporate sustainability for its consumers, workers (current and former), stakeholders, and their communities.

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About the Author

Tammi L. Coles is the Digital Editor for Corporate Communications and Marketing at ESMT Berlin. She has extensive experience in American English copywriting, content marketing, translation, and communications project management.



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