Patio Doors Cost 2022: Sliding Glass Door Installation Prices UK

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Patio doors are an extraordinary way to uplift your home’s value. The residence has direct access to the patio and yard outside through patio doors. Sliding and hinged patio doors are the two primary categories of patio doors. In addition to a sliding glass patio door, a French door with two casement doors open outside the building. The sliding patio door features panels that glide past one another on tracks.

The cost to install uPVC patio doors might range significantly from one retailer to another, depending on where you buy them. On the other hand, the average price of sliding uPVC patio doors in the United Kingdom is around £600. However, there is an additional cost of £250 for sliding patio door installation. The cost of materials for white uPVC patio doors in the style of French doors begins at around £390, and the installation starts at approximately £350.

In this article, we are going to discuss different varieties of patio doors, as well as their benefits. In essence, they make it possible for the resident to make greater use of the space that is available outside. Even when it’s pouring outside, plenty of natural light comes in via these windows. Furthermore, with the patio door at your home, you can supervise the activities in your garden on the go. 

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How Much Do Patio Doors Cost? 

Patio door costs vary based on myriad factors and elements. On the other hand, the expense of enlarging an existing entrance often ranges from 500 to 700 pounds. Your geographic location is the primary cause of price fluctuation. For example, labour costs 20% more in London and the surrounding area than in the rest of the United Kingdom.

Various patio doors are available in the United Kingdom, including hardwood and softwood French doors. However, aluminium and uPVC French doors, as well as aluminium and uPVC sliding patio doors, are the most popular.

Bifold doors are similar to sliding glass doors, but you don’t need an additional panel to fold up like an accordion. The average cost of a four-panel uPVC bifold door is roughly £1500.

Types Size of Doors Cost Labour
French Doors-Aluminium, fully glazed, 1.2m x 2.1m to 1.8 x 2.1m £1000 to £1200 £300 to £400
French Doors – uPVC, fully glazed, 1.2m x 2.1m to 1.8m x 2.1m £800 to £1500 £200 to £400
Sliding Doors – Aluminium, fully glazed, 2.4 x 2.1m to 3.6 x 2.1 £600 to £1500 £300 to £400
Sliding Doors – uPVC, fully glazed, 1.5m x 2.1m to 2.5m x 2.1m £1000 to £1200 £400 to £6500

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uPVC Patio Doors 

These door frames are the most acceptable option if you haven’t already installed patio doors and are on a budget. They are less expensive but have a thicker frame around the glass, making them less energy efficient. In addition, a patio door made of aluminium, rather than uPVC, has less frame and more glass, allowing for a more expansive view of the outside.

Non-standard uPVC patio doors are available in three and four-panel configurations. They are available with the three-panel sliding door costing roughly £900 and the four-panel sliding glass doors costing around £1350. If that’s what you’re going for, you can add side panels to make the French doors wider.

Larger units will require the installation of French doors with side panels, which can run from £400 to £600, in addition to the doors’ cost. Sliding glass patio doors with numerous panels, on the other hand, will cost no more than £50 to £80 for each panel to install.

The time of the project depends on door size and amount of panels. If, on the other hand, you need to enlarge the aperture or convert a window opening to one suited for patio doors, you should budget around four days and roughly £1000 for the work.

Aside from being powerfully enduring and facile in maintenance, uPVC will deteriorate over time. Therefore, patio door replacement is usually mandatory every 20 or 30 years.

Perks of uPVC Patio Doors

uPVC is an excellent option for your garden because of its numerous advantages.

  • uPVC has lower prices than aluminium in the first place. In the long run, though, it’s probably more costly than a more permanent solution.
  • Compared to aluminium, uPVC has a better acoustic barrier. Soundproofing is more effective with double-glazed glass panels than with the door frame. Because of this, if you go with high-quality panels, you may not discover anything in them.
  • You need to wipe down uPVC with a moist cloth after every two-three months for maintenance. In addition, you should lubricate the hinges regularly.
  • The weather won’t cause uPVC to corrode. Aluminium frames have a pre-coating with a plastic finish. However, the weather will erode it if the surface of the metal is damaged.

Non-standard sizes 

The standard uPVC patio door listed on the table at the top only has two panels. On the other hand, you can expect to pay approximately £900 for a three-panel uPVC door with dimensions of 2.4 metres by 2.1 metres. In contrast, the price of a four-panel uPVC patio door starts at £1350.

The price of a unit that is 2.5 metres wide and comes with side panels and top starts at £1000. In addition, a unit that is 3 metres wide and has side panels will cost you approximately £1000.

The job could take anywhere from one to two days to complete. It is totally up to the panel’s amount and dimensions of the doors.

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Aluminum Patio Doors

Because aluminium is more durable than uPVC, the frame doesn’t need to be as big. Because of this, you may choose a bigger double-glazed panel that provides a more incredible glimpse of the garden. 

However, it costs you a deep pocket for that extra strength. In addition, aluminium is more expensive to produce and source. It’s not a shock that aluminium costs more than uPVC since it is more durable. 

If you want to buy a 3 x 2-metre aluminium 3-panel bifold door with supply solely, you will spend roughly 2000 pounds.

Perks of Aluminium Patio Doors

Aluminium Patio doors also offer many benefits that we have listed below:

  • The frames have an extensive diversity in colours and designs, much like uPVC. In contrast, aluminium provides an almost infinite amount of coatings to select from compared to uPVC.
  • Aluminium patio door manufacturers use a thermally fused powder coating to protect their products.
  • The weather won’t be able to penetrate the plastic layer. However, in the event of damage, the core aluminium is open to rainwater and corrodes, making it vulnerable to rain.
  • Many manufacturers provide various options for both the frame’s outside and inside. As a result, you may match the exterior of the building while also incorporating elements of the interior design into the window’s overall appearance.
  • Aluminium patio sliding doors have a sleek, modern appearance thanks to their slimmer frame profiles. When adding value to your property, vinyl siding is superior to uPVC in many ways.
  • Larger panes of glass converge a more significant amount of light inside the room.
  • It is now more expensive to buy French or sliding doors made of aluminium than uPVC. However, the prices are steadily reducing. They are getting cheaper as manufacturers boost their output because of the material’s appeal.
  • Regarding environmentally-friendly production, aluminium is a better option than uPVC since it is entirely recyclable.
  • Aluminium frames may appear to have a lower level of heat insulation than uPVC. Nonetheless, it is no more the same case until lately. Instead of allowing heat to pass from the interior to the outside, today’s designs include highly insulating Aerogel and thermal breaks into their frames as insulation. You should check the Window Energy Rating (WER) to find out insulation levels.  

Non-standard sizes 

The supply cost of an aluminium three–panel bifold door measuring approximately 3 metres by 2.1 metres will be nearly £2000. The installation of aluminium sliding patio doors with dimensions of 3.6 metres by 2.1 metres will cost £2400 with an additional 600 pounds for installation.

The installation time for uPVC and aluminium patio sliding doors is very similar.

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Factors Affecting Patio Door Installation Cost

Since there are numerous types and forms of sliding glass patio doors, many factors can play a vital role in determining their prices. Therefore, we have listed a few of them:

  • Ease of Access

For the sake of your patio door installers, you should be informed of any access constraints they may encounter when installing your patio sliding doors. In addition, labour expenses range from £40 an hour to £80 an hour, which means that any delays in the procedure might cost you significantly.

Having this conversation with your labourer ahead of time will allow them to prepare for any potential problems and work around any obstacles, such as restricted rear garden access or small openings, that may arise during installation.

  • Measurements

Most contractors begin a job by evaluating the site and providing a price estimate. ‘There are a variety of door alternatives and materials to choose from depending on the project’s scope.

The patio door cost is determined by the size of the patio door that will be installed in the aperture. However, it also raises the price of the installation. In order to cover a larger aperture, both French and sliding doors require more panels. As a result, you will have to compensate for the extra work. Even though newer home designs have standardised door and window opening sizes, older homes do not have these features. To make up for this, you’ll have to add more permanent panels on both sides and the top of your home.

  • Materials

Suppose an entryway has to be widened or strengthened physically. In that case, it may be more expensive to use delicate or unique materials because of the additional labour they demand to work with them. Door pre-hangings cost more, but the installation costs are lower.

The material holds a remarkable impact on determining the cost of a product. Even though wood is not covered in this article, softwood doors are now the most affordable, but they are also the most susceptible to weathering issues.

uPVC is more inexpensive than aluminium. While uPVC may be less expensive to install, you’ll have to change it more frequently with an aluminium one because of its long lifespan. Metal doors, including uPVC and aluminium, can survive poor weather. They don’t have the same issues with water absorption, rotting and swelling as timber doors.

  • Door Trim

The new patio door is framed with trim mouldings on the outside and inside of the wall. You can get the trim in many different materials, styles, and finishes to match the door’s appearance. For conventional patio door sizes, it is available in casing kits.

Door condition refers to the various door hardware, such as latches, handles, locks, and many other fasteners. Most manufacturers provide a variety of door furniture options so that you may get the look you’re going for while also staying within your specified budget. Each door has a handle, a secure lock, and other convenient features. Quality of manufacturing material, colour and design are the only things that differ.

  • Work Site

The most effective approach for the installation of a door is to relocate any furniture that will be in the way. Spread drop cloths all over the interior if you have carpeting or want the clean-up process to be more straightforward after the door has been installed. There is a possibility that the labour costs will go up if there are any elements of the area that will lengthen the amount of time necessary for the contractor to install sliding glass doors.

  • Location

The space you have in the designated place will affect the sort of patio sliding doors you select. For example, you won’t be able to use an open French door set with a tiny patio or the need to have doors leading from a living room to a balcony. Sliding doors are the most excellent option in these situations.

Furthermore, you should consider where you place the patio sliding door in your home. In the event of strong winds, patio doors like French doors might be blown open. It’s also possible that rain might harm the inner surface if they’re left open throughout a storm. 

Moreover, if a door is slammed shut by the wind, it can injure a youngster standing in the entryway. The glass may also break by the impact. In comparison, sliding doors are a lot more convenient and secure.

  • Extent Of Work – New Installation Or Replacement

When installing sliding glass patio doors, you must work within the confines of your home’s existing opening. Hopefully, the aperture is of a contemporary standard size, making the novice unit fit in easily. If you constructed your home before the 1980s, there is a significant likelihood that the dimensions are non-standard or in old imperial units. As a result, you will need to select a size shorter than the opening. Fill in the rest of the space with permanent panels.

Alternately, it can be of any conventional size if you want something new. Comparatively, purchasing a replacement unit to suit a preexisting non-standard opening is still less expensive than cutting a new hole from the start.

If you wish to substitute a particular panel in an established product, ensure that the replacement panel is compatible with the current runners. You can only accomplish this by contacting the manufacturer.

  • Project Waste Disposal

In most cases, the price will already include the cost of removing trash and any other debris left over from the installation. The usual disposal fee, if not included, ranges from $100 to $600 per truckload and can be handled by a local junk removal professional.

The existing door, wall, or window must be removed before installing sliding patio doors, resulting in a substantial amount of industrial trash. You will certainly need to rent a skip for this debris. However, if you discuss this with the patio door installers beforehand, they may include this skip hire in your installation price.

The typical cost of renting a skip ranges from £130 per week for a tiny skip to £390 per week for a large skip. Check out our specialised website for additional information about skip rental and the accompanying charges.

Remember that if you are remodelling or building an opening for the installation of sliding patio doors, you may require a load-bearing lintel – when comparing quotations from competent builders, ensure that this extra effort is included. In some instances, a structural engineer may require consultation services, which might cost an additional £100.

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The Energy Efficiency of the Door

With specific common sense steps, you can maintain the energy efficiency of your sliding patio doors.

  • In case your doors open and close along a track, you should make an effort to clean the track often. The door won’t fit properly in the groove due to trash, such as sand, twigs, and other items. This lets the cool air in and pushes the heated air out of the home.
  • Check regularly to ensure cracks have not developed between the frame and the surrounding sliding glass wall. The patio doors and the house both settle with time, which results in gaps between the two. To stop draughts from coming through the hole, fill it with silicone sealant or caulking.
  • When the doors are closed, limit the amount of energy that is lost by utilising additional insulation. Choose the most amazing double- or triple-glazed panels your budget will allow you to buy!.

What is it About Patio Doors That Makes Them So Popular?

It was a method for the nobility of the nineteenth century to display the beautiful grounds of their estates while entertaining guests inside and outside at one time, which contributed to its initial popularity. 

In the United Kingdom, the trend of placing patio sliding doors became widespread during the leisure time boom of the 1970s. This coincided with the overall installation of patios in the yards of ordinary homes during this same time. The residents need a straight path leading from the inside of the house to the outer part, where the patio doors were the answer to the problem. 

Since then, hosting get-togethers for friends and relatives in the backyard has grown increasingly common. As a result, a multitude of homes started featuring patio doors. Incorporating patio doors from the kitchenette or living room is something that a lot of people find to be handier. 

Alternately, you may have them put in while an addition is being constructed. There are many ways to install a patio door at your home. The best and safe way is to hire a competent fitter. At Bark, you can seek the service of the best External Door Fitters and enjoy free quotes for its service.

Accreditations Required for Patio Doors

Patio doors are under the category of Permitted Development. Thus you don’t need a permit to install them. It’s also essential to get permission from your local Planning Department if you’re installing in a listed building.

However, new patio doors are considered ‘restricted fixtures’ under the Building Code. So, as a result, they must adhere to the restrictions.

When installing a brand-new sliding patio door, one must ensure they conform to the Building Regulations listed below:

  • Safety Glazing 

Safety glazing plays a crucial role in the safety of the user. Therefore, the patio door becomes permittable if it has glazing that resonates with the thermal insulation level and is composed of safety glass. 

  • Thermal Heat Loss 

There is specific documentation that cites the thermal heat loss of a product. Therefore, if you want a permitted patio door, ensure it complies with Approved Document L1B on fuel and power conservation. 

  • Access to Buildings 

Nowadays, homes are designed to provide easy access for everyone in the house. It includes everyone, especially individuals with mobility problems. The patio doors must comply with specific requirements to allow disabled people to access their homes effortlessly. 

  • Ventilation 

Ventilation is a must for rooms to consider safer places. In case of a room lacking ventilation, like windows or patio doors, you can equip your door with trickle ventilators. 

  • Fire Safety 

An escape window is functional in harsh conditions like fire. In this case, the patio doors must be a source of escape gate during the fire. 

  • Competent Installers 

You must provide the installation contract to someone who understands and obeys the Building Regulations. In simple words, the installer must be competent with registration from the local government for certification of their work. 

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FAQs About Patio Doors 

  • Is a French door an excellent addition to your home?

An elegant pair of patio doors can add value to a home. They will raise the value of your house and persuade potential buyers to go through with the transaction. Keep in mind, however, that installing any patio door will give you a more expansive view of your yard. Consequently, you should also focus on the appearance of your patio and yard.

  • Which way should a patio door open? 

Having the doors open inwards ensures the hinges are concealed, making them a more secure option. On the other hand, most individuals choose to open their patio doors toward the outside rather than the inside. In this way, they do not disturb their interior furnishings. Your response to this question will depend on whether you place a higher priority on having a secure home or on having more open space within your home.

  • Which one is better; a french or a sliding door?

It is a very subjective question that has nothing to do with need and everything to do with whether or not the doors are cohesive with the rest of the house. Sliding doors provide you with a wider perspective of your garden. It is due to the more extensive glass panels. On the contrary, French doors have a limited field of vision because they cannot open quite wider. 

  • How are French and patio doors different?

French doors are similar to standard doors and casement windows in that they hang from their frames using hinges. In contrast, sliding patio doors are installed in a furrowed device that helps the door run back and forth. After that, the moveable door will slide past the panel that is secured in place.

  • Which one is the best patio door? 

When it comes to patio doors, the best ones are those that are cost-effective. Apart from this, they must be low maintenance, durable, and blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. uPVC patio doors are likely to be the most cost-effective option among those that meet these requirements.

Conclusion: Patio Door Cost For You!

Patio doors are a common choice for opening up a connection between a house’s indoor and outdoor living spaces. They have a lot of glass for a bright and airy appearance and are available in various forms. They involve single, double, gliding, and more. French-style double doors provide a big central opening when both doors are open, but sliding doors are more contemporary and take up less space.

Consider your budget and the environment when selecting a material, and remember that aluminium and engineered wood are more expensive than uPVC. 

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Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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