Patent Pending: Everything You Need To Know About Patent Translation Services

Patent Filing

Patent translation services is a term used to describe the process by which patent documents are translated into a number of different languages. National or regional patent offices will usually grant a patent to the inventor of some good or service, performing this task for a plethora of countries. This gives the owner of the patent the legal right to use, make or market their creation.

Patent translation has different requirements from other more rudimentary forms of translation. Furthermore, only professionals with highly specialized expertise in this area can be hired to perform patent translation services. This is because the translation of these patents stipulates a number of different formatting requirements (including designated phrases, terminology, and structures for sentences) that must be abided by.

Therefore, those in need of this service must rely on professional patent translation companies who use trained professionals with experience using the right procedures. Circle Translations is one example of such a company. Given the rise in patent filings over the past two decades, it is important for companies to be aware of this international element.

The Need For Multi-Lingual Patents

People pursue a patent to protect their intellectual property from being copied, sold, or even manufactured without their explicit authorization. Protection is bought for a pre-established interval of time that allows a party to get ahead of their competitors, utilizing their intellectual property for themselves.

The problem with patents filed in only one language is that they do not always provide comprehensive protection against the unauthorized use of a party’s intellectual property in other regions or jurisdictions. This can effectively render the patent useless in its goal. For a patent to be all-encompassing in its protection, the owner must file it in every region they operate in.

Since some of these regions must legally require patents to be filed in their native language, intellectual property owners must rely on professional services for the translation of their patents due to the higher degree of complexity associated with them. Untrained translators cannot be relied upon as they are not cognizant of the specific procedures and terminologies.

Moreover, most companies that operate globally will be required to file identical patents in a number of different countries (and thus languages). Using a reliable patent translation service, such as Circle Translations, to do so will ensure the success of the IP owner’s patent in a simple and straightforward manner.

Why Use Trained Translators?

An IP owner might compare the costs of professional patent translation with that of a regular, untrained translator and wonder why they should pay the premium price of the former when the latter is available. The answer comes in the type of translators that professional patent translation services hire.

Only linguists who are well-versed and highly knowledgeable of procedures and structures demanded by patents are hired by such companies. Moreover, opting for this choice, despite the difference in price, is always in a business’s best interest as it guarantees the precision and authenticity of the translated patents.

While regular translators are unfamiliar with the technical jargon that is a necessary evil of patents, the trained translators of these professional services are highly familiar with it and in fact thrive in using it. Opting for untrained translators can result in errors in translation that risk the protection of your intellectual property.

These risks can be avoided entirely with the service provided by a company like Circle Translations as the professional translators can also take advantage of advanced software to further accelerate the process of producing a thorough and comprehensive translated patent.

About Circle Translations

Circle Translations has established itself as a leader in the patent translation industry, building its solid reputation ever since its foundation in 2008. They wield the power of over 200 partnerships with global intellectual property firms, which they use to deliver patents of the finest standard. 

They provide patents that can be used for a variety of purposes, including litigation, foreign filings, and information. This service is available to owners of both small businesses and huge international corporations to spread the success of their operations overseas with patents in the native language of their target markets.


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