Paintball Near Me: The Game Zones


What do you get if you combine hours of entertainment, plenty of exercise outdoors with lots of fresh air?

The answer is paintball! With a uniquely exhilarating experience for those aged 8 and above, PPK has the best paintball games in the West Midlands that sit on over 30 acres of woodland.

Our exclusive game zones are hand-built and designed by players of the sport that encourage teamwork and communication in a fun and exciting environment that will provide endless entertainment.

With 8 different game zones to play on, each with a unique theme that includes the Wild West, a post-apocalyptic wasteland and a WWII battlefield.

From junior paintball to fast-paced high-octane shootouts, work together to come out on top at any of our unique game zones.

Why PPK?

You might be thinking that there’s “plenty of other things to do near me”, or that “there might be other paintball parks near me”, but we’re here to tell you that PPK stands above the rest of things to do in the West Midlands.

Spending the day at PPK will provide you with:

  •  A unique and fun experience in a safe and carefully monitored environment
  • 8 different game zones to choose from
  • High-quality protective gear and paintball guns
  • Upgraded gear options, including smoke and paint grenades
  • Food and drink available on site
  • Junior paintball options, complete with low-calibre paintball guns for safety
  • Friendly and approachable staff
  • Plenty of fresh air and exercise

With our low prices starting from just £6.50, we supply you with 100 paintballs, guns and a briefing explaining the game zone before each match.

While having fun and shooting paint is the aim of the game, safety is also our primary concern. We take safety seriously here and ensure every player understands the rules and procedures with our compulsory safety talk.

Marshalls are always on hand, in particular with our junior paintball games. We guarantee that you won’t get a better experience at an affordable price than here at PPK!

The game zones

Have you ever wanted to fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic wasteland or wanted to shoot it out in the Wild West for the title of ‘fastest gunslinger’?

Then our game zones are the perfect place to hone your skills. As an outdoor venue, paintball games at PPK will provide you with fresh air and plenty of exercise in a sociable setting.

With each game zone, you’ll get the chance to both attack and defend on the various maps we have built. Every paintball game we offer requires you to think and plan accordingly and to work with your team to come out on top.

Check out some of the game zones we have below!


One of our newer builds, ‘Bridge’ is set amongst the trees, with wooden barricades to assist with progression up the field. Plant the “bomb” in the enemy territory and survive the fight back to allied ground.

The Bridge has several access points via ramps, each as perilous as the next, littered with the defending team. Work together with your team to fight for the win.


Step back in time and you “shall fight on the beaches, fight on the landing grounds” … well, more accurately, you’ll fight on our exclusive WWII game zone, Battlefield.

Complete with an authentic WWII tank, a British military Westland Lynx helicopter, an army ambulance and sandbags dotted across the field for additional cover.

Work with your team to make sure you come out on top and “get to the chopper!”


One paintball game that will get the blood pumping is ‘Wasteland’. Work as a team to navigate and survive the opposing team’s onslaught in the depths of the twisting turning turmoil that is the labyrinthian maze.

The goal is to get as many of your players into the maze as possible by the end of the game… but without making it sound daunting, the maze can become a kill zone.

Tread carefully with tact and trepidation in this thrilling game zone!

Junk in the Trunk

Work with your team to capture the flag in the post-apocalyptic badlands that is ‘Junk in the Trunk’. Utilise tactics, strategy, and teamwork to shoot your way to victory with a hellfire of paint at your disposal!

Duck behind rusted cars and tyre barricades as you make your way to the tunnel of death to grab the ‘golden tyre’ and deliver it to the end of the game zone alive.

This massive map will have you fighting paintball games in all corners and running around like you’re in a Mad Max movie.

Wild West

“This town ain’t big enough for the two of us”.

Embody the role of the fastest gunslinger in the West as you fight against the opposing team on our ‘Wild West’ map. A game zone that requires a multifaceted strategy, it’s important for players to think logically and adapt their gameplay to come out on top.

Defenders will want to stop attackers from storming the saloon and eliminating the defending team while attackers move from the church in an attempt to steal the small town’s treasure.

Giddy up, pardner!

Paintball near me

With over 8 game modes available at PPK, our hand-crafted and exclusive paintball games will give you endless entertainment and plenty of exercise in a fun environment.

With our competitive pricing, high-quality products and junior paintball games designed for those between 8-13yrs, there’s something for everyone here at PPK.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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