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Stepping into 2024, we are reviewing some of the best brokers in each region, hoping to offer new insights into their product offerings, trading platform, account features, and educational resources. Today, we review ADSS.

Abu Dhabi-based ADSS (ADS Securities) has emerged as one of the leading forex and CFD brokers in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region. It is authorised and regulated by the SCA in the UAE. With several awards under its belt, including Best Forex Broker at the 2022 Forex Traders Summit in Dubai and Best Forex Trading Innovation at the 2021 Global Forex Awards, ADSS is known for its innovation and transparency.

ADSS Pros and Cons

At a glance, it will be much easier if we look at some of its major pros and cons. These may be unique features of the broker, and they may not.

Main pros of ADSS

Aside from its highly commended trading platform and forex trading services, one of the things that jump out at me when it comes to ADSS is its transparent fee structure and trading charges. Most trades are commission-free, and spreads are tight for forex trades. Fee structure is clearly laid out on market information sheets, and it varies depending on the type of account a trader is using and the exact instrument that they are trading.

ADSS also has a very user-friendly platform. The proprietary ADSS trading platform has features such as one-click charting. Deal tickets are simple enough for effective market entry. The app is also seamlessly integrated with the web trading platform; transition between web and app are smooth.

Finally, the third biggest pro of ADSS is the fact that it offers strong research materials. Their educational resources are plentiful, in the form of a glossary, news updates, economic research, and a comprehensive economic calendar. And of course – everything is in English and Arabic.

Two cons of ADSS

While there are plenty of positive features for ADSS, there are also two limitations of working with the broker. These may or may not be dealbreakers, depending on your priorities as a trader.

The first is its customer service. It is available 24/5 and in multiple languages, but response times can be a bit slow. This may be due to time difference, as I had submitted a query at the tail-end of the weekend on Sunday. The query was picked up and handled professionally, though, and my issue with funding was resolved.

Secondly, and this is really my only other limitation, is that ADSS does not offer options trading, nor does it offer the buying and selling of stocks. They offer stock CFDs. As somebody who also participates in other forms of derivative trading, it was a missed opportunity. But if you are someone who only trades forex on the spot or CFDs, this should not pose any inconvenience to you.

ADSS review – what’s new in 2024?

I began trading with ADSS in 2023. Admittedly, this is not a long time, but during the ten months of working with this broker, I have seen positive changes on their platforms and websites. They seem to perpetually be in stages of innovation, and I am pleasantly surprised by some of these changes.

Trading instruments

There has not been a big change in terms of ADSS’s offering in 2024. Back then, they have been offering spot forex trading on over 60 currency pairs, and CFD trading on stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex. This remains true, and leverage continues to range from 4:1 to 500:1. Most trades are commission-free, but there are charges on account maintenance, withdrawal, and overnight positions for some assets.

The biggest change that I have seen is the addition of individual instrument pages. Each instrument page comes with a live chart of price offerings of the instrument, as well as an explainer on the background and general performance of the instrument. This is a great feature that I am sure will benefit a lot of traders, as it has benefitted me, and it helps to transform the broker as a one-stop shop for different trading needs.

Trading platform

ADSS continues to offer MT4 and its proprietary platform. As we are familiar with MT4, there is merit in spending more time in discussing the ADSS trading platform. It is available on desktop and on mobile, with the ADSS trading app being downloadable for iOS and Android. Having used both, transition between mobile and desktop is indeed seamless.

The trading platform is customisable, and I can view my ticket in my preferred lineup, with customisations made freely. The interface is clean and uncluttered. There is a menu to the left with a list of real-time price movements of instruments that can be opened and closed, charting takes place in the middle of the screen, and charts can be enlarged and minimised.

Account features

In terms of accounts, ADSS offers three: Classic (for retail traders), and Elite and Elite+ (for professional traders). Classic accounts start at 100USD, while Elite and Elite+ accounts start at 100,000USD and 250,000USD respectively.As a user of the Classic account, I continue to benefit from tight spreads and high leverage (of up to 500:1, which is the case for major forex pairs).

One additional feature that I believe is new is the integration of ApplePay and SamsungPay. Users can find their accounts on their phones rather quickly, which is a huge perk compared to conventional transfers that can take anytime from half an hour to a few days.

Educational resources

Now, this is the part that pleasantly surprised me. ADSS has always had an active blog, offering market updates in English and Arabic. They also offer webinars (hosted on YouTube) and platform guides.

Over the past year, the broker has stepped up its game by implementing a brand new bilingual trading glossary with around 150 terms each in English and in Arabic. This offers a much easier way of looking up unfamiliar financial terms and concepts. Depending on the term, there are also sometimes explanations and sample calculations. The economic calendar continues to be comprehensive, offering both national and international news and marked dates.

My verdict? ADSS: better than ever in 2024

ADSS has been a consistently good broker in the past ten months. I enjoyed trading forex and CFDs on stocks and indices with the broker, and even as a Classic account user (which is essentially the standard or the lowest tier), I never felt like I was missing any key functions or needed to upgrade. The broker continues to have a good range of instruments for speculation and hedging, and the new additions – such as educational resources, new funding methods, and instrument pages – really make a difference to the trading experience.

My verdict is that ADSS puts effort into its product and services, and it shows. In 2024, the GCC-based broker is stronger than ever, and its robust reputation helps boost and qualify its good standing in my books.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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