Organoclay: Your Best Organophilic Clay Bentonite

Organophilic Clay Bentonite

Organoclay has many different names in the field of industrial application, and the most common name are organophilic clay, rheological additive, rheology modifier and drilling bentonite etc. Named from the application field, they can be called organo clay, suspending agents, anti-settling agents, anti-sagging agents, thixotropic agents and so on.


What is Organoclay?

Organoclay bentonite is a kind of white powder, Due to the difference between raw bentonite ore, the color of organo bentonite clays produced in the end will also be slightly different.

 Therefore, some models of organoclay bentonite are white, some grades are light white and some grades are light yellow. In short, the color of the final finished bentonite depends on the raw bentonite ore we choose.

However, it does not affect the final performance of the finished product. Of course, if you have color requirements for your products, we will also choose some grades with high whiteness for our end users according to your needs.

Organoclay rheological additive: Performance Advantages

  1. Good thixotropy
  2. Excellent suspension performance
  3. Excellent rheological properties
  4. Improved dispersion performance.
  5. High quality shaft wall protection to prevent collapse.
  6. Perfect anti-settlement performance and anti sagging performance


Organoclay Bentonite: You Must Know the Applications

In the industrial field, organoclays bentonite is a widely used chemical auxiliary. The most common application and the most common direction adopted by users is in the field of paint and coating, grease lubricant adhesive, and inks. However, at present, the rheological additive bentonite newly produced by Camp Shinning has made amazing achievements in the field of oilfield drilling in addition to good sales in these fields.

Here we make a brief description of each application field.

• Oil field drilling field.

When organophilic clay bentonite is used in oil field drilling, most customers call the product organophilic clay which is modified bentonite. It is used as a perfect suspending agent in the oil fields. We call it bentonite drilling fluidCamp Shinning’s organoclay bentonite has stable quality and price advantages occupy the market well.

At the same time, the organophilic bentonite produced by Camp Shinning has also played a good role in lubricating the drill bit and preventing drilling collapse.  

• Paint and coating field.

It can be said that Camp Shinning has more than 20 years of experience in this application. Camp Shinning’s organoclays bentonite to the field of paint and coating. In this field, Camp Shinning has played a very obvious industry advantage in controlling performance and raw material cost.

The most obvious performance advantage is that organic bentonite can play an excellent anti-settling performance and anti-sagging performance in the whole formula. It will not settle even in long-term storage.

• Grease and Adhesive.

In recent years, many users asked about the application of organoclay rheological additive in grease, which is a very common application demand at present. As a professional organoclay supplier, Camp Shinning will recommend corresponding models to you according to the different base oils of your lubricating grease. Therefore, Whether your base oil is mineral oil, diesel oil, or synthetic oil, we have corresponding organo bentonite models to provide.

Therefore, when you contact us and ask about the application of organic bentonite to grease, please first tell us whether your base oil is diesel oil or mineral oil, or Synthetic oil. This information is extremely important for our judgment.

• Inks

Whether you are printing ink or screen printing, our organoclay rheological additive is very suitable. The excellent thixotropic and rheological properties of organic bentonite will help you effectively solve the rheological and thixotropic problems you face in the whole formula of ink. Of course, when you store ink, the anti sedimentation performance of organoclay rheological additive is also very important to you.

The above introduction to the organoclay uses, we hope to help you. If you still have any questions about this application, you can always contact Camp Shinning’s sales department and are willing to reply the first time.


Organoclay price 

When you purchase a rheology modifier, you must be very curious and sensitive about the price of organoclay bentonite, of course, In addition to the price, it also determines your position in the competition. Therefore, helping you solve your confusion about the price of organoclay bentonite is a problem that Camp Shinning has been committed to solving for many years.

Here we are willing to share a price range with you so that you can have more reference value when communicating with other suppliers.

Rheology modifier used in oil field drilling. The price range is generally between us $1.50 per kilogram and USD2.75 per kilogram.

 The price range of applied grease and ink is similar to that of oilfield drilling.

However, the price of organic bentonite clay used in paint is very different. The price of general solvent organoclay bentonite is between $1.7 and $3.2 per kilogram.

The above prices are for your reference only. The factors that really determine a price are the different application fields of drilling bentonite, the different purity of bentonite raw ore, and the different process treatment.

Organoclay Supplier & Manufacturers

 In short, no matter how sensitive you are to the price of organic bentonite, How strict about its quality. If you can find a high quality and reliable supplier and manufacturer of organoclay bentonite, all the puzzles you face will be solved. Their experience sharing and technical support will be a great wealth for you in the market competition.

So when you contact a new organoclay bentonite supplier and manufacturer, you might as well ask the following questions:

  • Ask if the supplier has its own raw bentonite ore. This will determine the delivery time and cost control of organoclays bentonite suppliers and manufacturers, and even the quality control can be solved from the source.
  • Ask whether the supplier has ISO certification and has some technical patents, which means whether their production process is standardized and whether they have their own technical expertise
  • You even have to ask him if he has the cooperation experience of world-famous enterprises or even the cooperation experience of the world’s top 10 oil service companies. This is extremely important, which represents professional authority and a symbol of the preciseness of services.

We simply list the above information for your reference only. We hope that can help you when looking for your organophilic bentonite clay supplier and manufacturers.

When we put forward the above suggestions to you, without doubt, Camp Shinning is an enterprise worthy of your trust, and its professionalism in basic fields is recognized by the industry. So if you are sure you are purchasing organoclay bentonite and applying it to grease, oil field drilling. Paint and inks, Please don’t hesitate. Camp Shinning must be your wisest choice and decision.

If you are interested in the organoclay of Camp Shinning, please email us now:


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