Organic Marketing Vs Paid Marketing: What’s Better for You in 2022

Digital Marketing

An Introduction to Organic and Paid Marketing 

Marketing in the world of social media has taken a new dimension in the form of digital marketing and it is making rounds across the social interacting apps and websites. With the boom of using social media, where there are billions of users, the profits are turning the right tables for everyone. When it comes to marketing, a variety of tools exist each of them oriented around one common goal; to boost the sales. This is done through the use of ads, sponsorships or working on an interactive presence online leading the users to visit and stay on your websites. 

Whatever tactic you are using for digital marketing, it can be broadly categorized either as organic or paid marketing, Organic marketing refers to the visitors or customers you get through word of mouth, search engine results or random internet surfing. 

Paid marketing, on the other hand, is when you invest money to get an ad in the form of a post or video on a third-party app to make it visible for the users accessing that platform such as ads in the YouTube videos. A successful digital marketing expert uses both in their own respective capacity to get the most done for their business.  

Benefits of Using Organic and Paid Marketing 

When your desired user or potential customer writes a query or a search phrase on the search engine and your link shows up in the top 5 results and the users click on your website means your SEO is great, your content is of quality and search engine has given you a high ranking. This is a result of organic marketing and boosts the user’s confidence as well because it is not an ad but rather a result displayed by the engine. Paid marketing will be your new cooking oil ad carefully placed in a quick frying recipe. The users is already merged in the recipe and get an idea about your products as well. In both cases, the user is inclined towards buying your product and in case they already have; they continue to do so.  

Organic Vs Paid Marketing: What’s the Difference? 

An organic marketing campaign entails all efforts directed towards improving content, page loading speed, mobile-friendly design, etc. No amount of money is going to be spent to get it in users’ highlight or line of sight. Paid marketing is when you boost your user traffic by paying or investing money for ads, partnerships or sponsorships with those who already have a huge following.  

When money is spent to improve visibility in any manner, it is paid marketing. When the visibility is improved through good or quality content, user satisfaction or high rank from the search engine, it points towards organic marketing.  

Organic vs Paid Marketing: What’s Best for Your Business 

There is no simple answer to this question but rather depends on what works best for you. Individually they are both powerful and necessary for each other as well. It is very common to use both strategies in parallel to each other to reap the best marketing results.  

If you write engaging and quality content your efforts can be used for promotional purposes using paid posts or ads. Both works fine for any business that has an online presence. It is recommended to get professional’s help such as seobee to guide and provide with effective digital marketing solutions for your business.  

05 Effective Organic Marketing Strategies That Works for You in 2022 

Here are 05 ways you may be able to boost your traffic without having to let the cash flow.  

1. Improve SEO 

The smartest and the cheapest way to get the most relevant and authentic traffic on your web page is to improve your content as per the requirement of your potential customers. When a visitor lands on a web page they do not intend to or do not find it relevant, they leave it and that affects your traffic growth. Problem-oriented and optimized content always brings only relevant organic traffic that doesn’t jump out of the link immediately.  

2. Mobile Friendly  

Modern problems demand modern solutions. Social media is mainly run-on mobile phones or other similar smaller devices and if the web content is not up to the mark or optimized as per the screen size, the user will not have a great experience interacting with it and will leave it.  

3. Third Party Blogs 

There are always websites available where you can publish blogs promoting your services or products for the customers to read and get an idea about. This way they make the search themselves and land on your web page only as a search engine result. 

4. Customers Review 

You can provide quality services and products and have your customers leave you transparent and authentic reviews. This puts pressure on you to maintain quality all the while helping the customers put their faith in you as well. As word-of-mouth spreads, more people get to know about it. In Addition to the customer reviews it creates the confidence to the visitors that converts more sales at the end. 

5. Build your Social Media Profiles 

What other method to use than the social media itself to help connect with your customers? Run and maintain a proper social media page/group or profile for your brand and keep it up to date. Ensure user interaction and gain followers without boosting or using ads to gain an organic following.  


Digital marketing can be organic or paid but in both cases is devised to help the user one way or the other. Marketing strategy for both works hand in hand and together brings your business or brand to the top. It improves the overall traffic for your online website and helps you retain your customers by keeping your existence in the form of a reminder to them. You might get in touch with top digital marketing agencies that offer high quality marketing services and are experts in both paid and unpaid marketing.


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