Operationalising Excellence: Making it Happen – Part II

By Sean Culey

It is easy to look good in a boom.
It is a lesson that the executives at Chaos Corp have learnt the hard way.


In the last edition of The European Business Review, I described two very different ways that similar (in terms of products, markets and opportunities) but fictitious companies, Chaos Corp and Progression Plc, were responding to the current economic downturn. Progression saw the crisis as an opportunity to rally its people behind a common cause; building on the solid foundations they had been developing over the years.

Chaos had outgrown its ability to control the organisation effectively. They lived in the mistaken belief that big equals great, and growth, regardless of cost, equals success. Their hubris had been their undoing and now they were in freefall. Being neither lean, agile, or more importantly, ‘in control’ of their empire meant that they were desperately cost cutting; losing talent, experience, capabilities – and (critically) team morale.

So can the leadership at Chaos transition the business from mediocrity into a great organisation? Or are they doomed to fail; another victim of the recession? Using the ‘7 Keys’ framework from the earlier articles for The European Business Review, I will convey how Chaos could gain control and turn things around.

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