Operationalising Excellence: Making it Happen – Part I

By Sean Culey

In the last edition of The European Business Review, my article called ‘The 7 Keys to Unlocking Organisational Greatness’ was published, in which I identified seven key elements of a business that need to be aligned and integrated in order to create a foundation for success. The article also discussed the difficulties that organisations face when trying to move forwards without this ‘aligned integration’ and how the majority of these issues come from within the business, rather than outside it.

In this article, I would like to take this a step further and describe how leading organisations are actually making this happen, and offer advice and guidance as to how to create these ‘solid foundations’ so that they form a platform for growth and success. I will also use a fictitious company, Chaos Corp, to describe how incorrect development of the ‘4 M’s – Mindset, Money, Management and Metrics’, can create weak foundations which, when times get difficult as per the current economic crisis, can mean that they are not prepared or stable enough to survive unscathed; let alone thrive and prosper.

In the next edition I will finalise the trilogy of articles by showing how the 7 Keys can be used to help Chaos turn things around.


The 7 Keys in Action

Organisations that follow the advice contained in the ‘7 Keys’ can make the conscious decision to (a) create alignment and functional integration in line with a shared goal and vision, and (b) adapt or control their responses to external factors, no matter how adverse they appear, to create competitive advantage.


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