Opening New Doors to Fashion Fiesta


The fashion needs are changing with every passing day and everyone thrives to be in the trend. But this is not as easy as we think. Keeping up with style trends and being in the trending game, is a large undertaking that requires a lot of time, patience, shopping hauls, and scouring every outlet for the latest articles. Here, we have been blessed with a wonderful shopping platform where you can find an enormous number of products to choose from – LAAM. New wizard in shopping, LAAM is an e-commerce platform, currently in collaboration with 600+ brands, showcasing their 60,000+ products on the web. Looking into the glamourized world, the couture wear needs to be observed very precisely, and visiting the showrooms is not always a feasible option. Simplifying things with smart new ways is the need of the age and LAAM is allowing its customers to have a virtual tour with keen detail and select heartily desired wear, may it be casual or a special designer bridal wear. The special couture orders are made to order and LAAM caters to all the tailoring and measurement issues, even if you are sitting overseas as well. 

LAAM – Establishing A New Marketplace Making a mark in today’s age is not a piece of cake. The generation needs to work hard and smart alongside. The new generation and new technologies have made things a lot faster and more tech for the masses. Every person, even if they are unaware of something, is certain to check the internet for that particular information. Here, Laam an online business platform entered the industry and became one of the leading pioneers of e-commerce. Laam has the vision to establish a name by providing a trustworthy platform to other brands with whom LAAM is in collaboration. E-commerce has been a very well-known ideology in western countries, but Pakistan has grasped the idea and implied more of it during the pandemic years of 2020-2022. Businesses were collapsing financially, and the biggest loss a business can ever think of is losing all the hard-earned customers. That is when LAAM came up with an absolute solution for the long-stopped brands. LAAM provided them with a basic platform, better to say – a new marketplace where the retail or home-based, all brands can show up their products globally and reach out to the customer. Providing a marketplace to more than 600 brands, local and international, and small and industrial giants, Laam considers it an achievement and feels proud to provide a hand of help and growth to the industry in those times when everyone was looking to improve their position after a setback. There is a global regime under which every business and brand showcases their products on physical markets, while also working to gain a fan base on the internet and through other social media platforms. LAAM, in just a span few years, has made its mark and is now recognized for the best online shopping experience internationally.

LAAM – Bringing A Revolutionary Change

Having mentioned above, LAAM is a new hop in the industry that has definitely inspired many to take one step forward and move one hundred steps further forward. The aim with which LAAM has been struggling is to provide every brand a chance, and every entrepreneur a place to connect globally with buyers. This is no less than a revolution in shopping trends, which Pakistan has been following for so many years. The revolutionary change has brought the online shopping concept, which has become even bigger when added on in facilitating the customers, with customized stitching options and making tailored measurements online. Yes! By eliminating the need to visit the studios and spare extra time for those visits to provide accurate measurements, LAAM has changed the concept of tailoring, and now you simply need to contact our specialists who will guide you with every aspect of tailoring. On another note, we can say that ordering casuals online can still be something we can think of, but, going for a bigger wedding purchase is a complete risk. The LAAM team is honored to be able to gain the confidence of its clients by understanding their stress and solving their bridal wear problems. Therefore, LAAM is taking bridal and wedding orders from local and international customers as well. Wedding dresses are a hassle and stress to order for brides. LAAM has made the bridal wear selection and buying so much easier and more convenient. Easy payment methods and fast on-time delivery is the reason LAAM stands high on its customer’s preferred lists.


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