Online Casinos Begin to Focus Attention Away from Europe

For a very long time, the centre of the online casino industry has been in Europe. For many companies, their head offices are in the area and their main customer base has been there too.

However, we are now seeing a shift away from this, and those behind the big online casinos are starting to turn their attention away from Europe. Places such as India, Canada and New Zealand are all capturing the attention of the big players, and each one of those three countries has a lot of potential with players waiting to sign up and play.

In particular, almost all of the new online casinos see India as a huge market and are now targeting the players in that country. With millions waiting, and both sports betting and casino gaming still untapped in the country, the potential for those who crack India is huge.

Why are Online Casinos Looking Elsewhere?

The biggest part of this is down to increased regulation in European countries. This is particularly the case for those which have their own specific industry rules and regulations in place. These offer licenses to the operators that want to offer services in their country, without one you cannot offer legal gambling.

The UK and Sweden are the two toughest areas when it comes to gambling legislation and rules being in place. To offer gaming in these areas, the providers need to show certain credentials and follow the rules in place. These are becoming tougher and compared to areas such as India where these rules are not in place, companies are beginning to wonder whether it is worth their time and effort.

The ultimate aim of the tight rules and regulations in the UK and Sweden is to keep their players safe. However, from the perspective of a new start up operation, is it worth their time, and of course the cost, to set up in these areas when they can target somewhere else instead, that is easier and far cheaper.

What Will the Future Look Like?

It will be really interesting to see how the future pans out, but don’t be surprised to see big changes in the way that the gambling industry as a whole looks.

In terms of the areas of focus, expect the likes of India to really grow when it comes to casino gaming and sports betting. This is a nation that loves gaming, watching sport and has one of the biggest cricket leagues in the world with the IPL T20 league. Gambling on these things will naturally come, especially as more gambling operators target the region and show the people what they have to offer.

Then we move onto Europe and while the UK and Sweden in particular are going to always have a strong connection to gambling, we may see fewer new operators target those areas. People will still have the big names to choose from, but if small, new casinos see places like India thriving and easier to break into, they may decide that certain European countries are not worth their time.

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