One Easy Way to Increase Marketing Automation Efficiency

Marketing Automation Efficiency

The tools for marketing automation are fantastic, and that is why today we are going to talk about one easy way to increase marketing automation efficiency. These tools promise contextual marketing, tailored content, higher quality leads, unicorns and rainbows, and everything a marketer could hope for or desire. Are you seeking a straightforward approach to increase the success of your marketing automation platform? There is no need to look further than a service that verifies emails.

If you don’t have access to reliable data, your marketing automation processes, customized landing pages, and personalized content won’t compete with Amazon’s despite your best efforts. You won’t see the results you’re hoping for. Email verification helps to enhance your total conversion rate by ensuring that your emails reach inboxes, preventing invalid contact information from being entered into your marketing database, and protecting against spam filters.

Check to see that emails are being delivered to the inbox.

The ability to send personalized emails in a manner that one can scale up is a significant aspect of the value proposition offered by marketing automation tools. Email marketing will only be successful if the messages are delivered to the recipients you intend them for. Verification of email addresses is essential for marketers because they gather them in real time and on a consistent, ongoing basis. After all, email addresses regularly change.

Validating emails at the time of collection is one solution for how email verification can contribute to improving your marketing automation platform. You may either ensure that you are obtaining accurate data by checking an email address in real-time, or you can prompt the user to fix the incorrect address while they are still engaged in the activity. This aspect is of utmost importance for those who send welcome emails or other marketing messages to customers who need to get them as promptly as possible.

It is crucial to frequently clean your database utilizing an email verification solution if you use marketing automation for nurturing or continuing email campaigns. A monthly turnover rate of around two percent of your email database is to be expected, on average. If you validate your list regularly, you can reduce the likelihood that errors will harm your sender’s reputation. All of your attempts to market your business through email will suffer if your sender’s reputation is low because this might cause deliverability problems or even blacklisting.

Safeguard against invalid addresses

The landing pages and online forms that are generated by your marketing automation technology are also eligible to have email verification integrated into them in a way that is both seamless and effective. Not only is it beneficial to your marketing campaigns to filter out bogus data because doing so protects your sender’s reputation, but it’s also beneficial to your sales teams, which need to follow up with the leads they receive. Send leads to the sales team that already has their contact information checked. You will save the time and effort you would have spent otherwise trying to call people at disconnected numbers or sending emails to incorrect addresses. A straightforward method that can help improve the performance of your marketing automation is to include email verification on the forms your users fill out.

Boost the number of form submissions.

You should expect an increase in conversions after implementing email verification on your website forms. This increase is because you can contact and further engage with individuals you might have missed due to typos or false email addresses. Because you will never be able to reengage users who provide a fraudulent or invalid address, this is of utmost significance for marketers who solely gather email addresses on their forms. You can assure that you will have the opportunity to contact those users again by confirming their email addresses as soon as they are submitted in real-time.

You cannot anticipate a profitable return from your marketing efforts if you do not have access to reliable data. Email verification is a straightforward approach to increase the success of your marketing automation efforts. It improves the quality of the data acquired from your landing pages and forms and the conversion rates of visitors whose information may have been lost due to typos or invalid email addresses. Contact Email Oversight today! This website holds the solution to all of your email problems.


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