OMCH Providing Best Proximity Switch: A Unique Technology For All

Proximity Switch

Proximity switch is a revolutionary technology that changed the structure of our lives. Since the mass production of this unique technology people have started using it for everyday life and when the reach of this product came to the local market things went out of hand. Some companies make such a proximity switch that goes bad within months of use. 

However, you will not get deceived as we have done the research and found out that Omch providing best proximity switch. Well, no worries as we are here to describe to you the best proximity switch and from China no one can beat their quality. 

Proximity switch technical features and applications

Well, a proximity switch is a special type of sensor that detects the presence of someone or something from a distance. It is such a product that uses vibration monitoring to measure the variation in distance. The area it monitors is a shaft and its support bearing.

Moreover, the latest ones use electromagnetic fields. What it means is, it works by emitting an electromagnetic field and whenever there is a change, it detects and sends a response. The best part of this featureful device is it does not need any physical contact.

Technical Features

For proximity switches, technical features are the main area of attraction. There is nothing but the services of a proximity sensor and you will be amazed by the sheer amount of features it has. Here are some of the major features of a proximity switch:

  • It does not need any direct contact, which is one of the main features of a proximity switch.
  • A proximity switch can create a strong electromagnetic field that reflects human interaction which reacts and sends information to designated areas.
  • There are different types of contact which it reflects, in the case of human contact it also detects the temperature of humans, it can detect metal. Moreover, you can use this for only humans and other objects will not get the response.
  • Thanks to its size, it can be used for various purposes depending on the situation. Such as Vehicles, smartphones, industrial places and many more.

Applications of proximity switches

There are various applications of proximity switches depending on the activity it does. Most of them are used for industrial purposes and some for everyday consumers. However, here are a few common places where you see the most use:

  • Smartphones are one of the major users of this technology. Now, the time has passed and the sensor is stronger than ever. You see, on the 1st generation of these smartphones, the proximity sensors only detected the distance, now it also detects speed, structure and even different elements.
  • Vehicles are also prominent users of this unique device. You will find vehicles with collision detection and this unique feature has come from this small proximity switch. Well, the item may be small but it made a revolutionary change.
  • Doors are another great example of the application of proximity switches. You will find a lot of offices, shops, factories and shopping malls with proximity sensor-based doors. Moreover, these sensors are heavily used and they are expensive ones. The same situation happens with elevators and other places.

Why did you choose omca 

Well, from the introduction you can already understand that OMCA is one of the major providers of proximity switches. They have one of the best quality materials for the sensors and it can last for longer than any other brands. The difference between a normal and OMCA proximity sensor comes from the quality of the product itself and the service it provides.

They are able to provide replaceable proximity switches and they have a good variety of them. There are different types of proximity sensors available to OMCA and they can even produce from the requirements.They provide the best deal within China and they are reliable.


If you are new to proximity switches and want to invest in this product then you should know that omch providing best proximity switch. They are making things completely different from local markets as far as goes for the build material and the entire device. 

You can always compare these between different companies; however, we don’t think there is a need for that. Moreover, they offer different types of proximity switches. So, visit their website to get further information.


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