Olympus4X Review – Convenient Stock and Options Trading 



Account Minimum: $0

Products: Stocks, Options, Crypto, Forex, ETFs, and CFDs

Fees: Free for stocks, capped commissions for options trades


Olympus4X is one of the top-rated brokerage platforms for stocks and options trading. It offers streamlined trading platforms and educational resources to suit the varying needs of different types of stock and options traders. However, Olympus4X also provides other trading instruments and perks to attract other investors. 


  • Free online stock trading and capped commissions for options trades 
  • User-friendly trading platforms 
  • Client-focused educational content 
  • Excellent customer service 


  • Services are inaccessible in some regions 
  • The product offerings are a bit limited 

Why We Choose Olympus4X

Free stock trading and capped commissions options trading 

Olympus4X is one of the few brokers that allow zero commissions for online stock trading. Besides, they have a capped commissions mechanism for options trades. It costs $1 only to open options trades and zero to close those positions. Olympus4X caps the fees for options trades at just about $10 per leg. 

User-friendly trading platforms 

Olympus4X offers three trading platforms with highly customizable tools for monitoring and analyzing stock and options trades. Its desktop, web, and mobile versions boast nearly similar functionality that streamlines the overall user experience. 

Client-centered educational content 

Olympus4X provides an extensive library of educational content for different types of investors. While most resources focus on stock and options trading, clients also have access to carefully researched content about other investment products and topics. 

Is It Safe to Invest with Olympus4X?

Olympus4X takes the security of its clients’ investments and data seriously. It uses 2FA, biometric authentication, and security questions to safeguard its users’ accounts from unauthorized access. The broker also offers insurance coverage for selected asset classes and high-risk transactions. Overall, Olympus4X is generally a safe investment platform with industry-standard security provisions. 

Trading Platforms 

Olympus4X supports desktop, web, and mobile versions. The platforms boast user-friendly designs, with robust trading tools and amenities that ensure seamless navigation for all types of traders. Besides, the broker has equipped the programs with similar functions and features that streamline the user experience. 

The broker’s platforms provide various analysis tools and calculators specific to stocks and options trading. The main tools and functions include stock screeners, options screeners, strategy builders, trading idea generators, and real-time data streams. 

Although most of the trading tools and functions on Olympus4X focus on stocks and options trading, the platforms offer other amenities for monitoring, analyzing, and placing other trades. The additional resources and functions supported on Olympus4X’s desktop, web, and mobile platforms include charts, multi-leg options, research, news, price alerts, and fixed income screeners. 

Trading Instruments 

Olympus4X primarily focuses on stocks and options trading, but that does not mean it limits clients to those products only. The broker also offers other investment products for traders and investors who want to expand their portfolios beyond stocks and options. That enables Olympus4X to attract different types of traders since you can choose the particular assets in which to invest. Here is the range of products offered on Olympus4X. 

  • Stocks 
  • Options 
  • Crypto 
  • Forex 
  • ETFs 
  • CFDs 

Olympus4X has announced plans to add more products to its portfolio to ensure greater flexibility for different types of investors. 


Olympus4X boasts a fair pricing policy that enables its clients to access a wide range of investment products while lowering costs. Its capped options pricing policy ensures the lowest costs for frequent and high-volume options traders. Besides, stock trading attracts zero commissions on Olympus4X. A similarly low-cost strategy applies to other transactions and trades on the platform. Check out their website for a complete fee schedule. 


Olympus4X also leverages rich educational programs to improve the overall user experience on its platforms. The broker offers carefully researched content in multiple formats for all types of investors. The broker’s educational resources cover stocks and options trades, but you can also access videos, articles, and infographics about other investment products and markets. Besides, the trading platforms also support various analysis tools, calculators, and research functions to help you to choose your following trades and avoid risks. 

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