Obesity in Women Increases the Cancer Risk!

According to statistical studies, women tend to show higher obesity rates that the men, though they have the need to look pretty and attractive!

Obesity is not a simple disease, but tends to take dimensions of an epidemic in our years, with about 211 millions of adult Europeans to have a bodyweight higher than the normal and about the 1/3 of adult Europeans to be officially classified as obese persons!

How the BMI (Body Mass Index) indicates our body condition?

The BMI is an index used for measuring our weight (both for adults and children)

  • When the BMI is from 18.5 – 24.9 our weight is normal.
  • When the BMI is from 25 – 29.9 our weight is a little higher than the normal and we are classified as overweighed.
  • When the BMI is higher of 30 our weight is a lot higher than the normal and we are characterised as obese.
  • When the BMI is higher of 40 our weight is abnormally high and in this case we refer to an extreme form of obesity carrying a high and immediate risk for our health! CCS, Gastric Sleeve Surgery Newcastle experts state that if this is the case for you, you should see a doctor immediately and ask them about your eligibility for weight loss surgery.

NOTE: The above values are approximate and they concern adults ONLY, of an age higher than 20 years!

Wrong energy management!

In essence, obesity is due to a problematic attempt of the organism to manage the energy received by the foods and to convert it to beneficial energy which will mobilise all the mechanisms and functions of the body. There are many options to reduce obesity, depending on your situation, gastric sleeve surgery may be a worthwhile option to look at – you can learn about the benefits of gastric bypass surgery over here.

But which is the real responsible for this “problematic” effort to metabolise the food by the body? Obviously the person’s nutrition!

ATTENTION: In the case, the calorific value of a person’s meals is equal to that metabolised, so the organism is able to produce the necessary “fuel” (that is, the energy necessary to function), the body weight remains stable. But if the calorific value of the meals is higher, then the person is led to a gradual increase of its body weight!

Tip: diets and natural weight loss pills can help manage the extra weight!

Factors leading to women’s body weight increase….

As years have gone by the way of life has changed dramatically and together changed our nutritional habits. People have stopped to consume foods of high nutritional value and they turned to fast, high calorific and absolutely unhealthy “fast food”

Besides, the many commitments, the limited personal free time and the great insecurity have led (especially the women) to emotional overconsumption, which gradually has changed their body type!

ATTENTION: Obesity may increase the premature death risk by up to 300% approximately!

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Obesity&Cancer: Are they related and how?

ATTENTION: According to British scientists, obesity may increase the cancer development in women by up to 40%!

The most significant cancer forms being a threat for an obese woman are:

  • The breast cancer
  • The renal cancer
  • The pancreas cancer
  • The intestine cancer

Though experts have not reached a conclusion yet on which is the liaison between obesity and cancer, however, they speculate that the answer lies on the hormone production by adipocytes (which in this way feed the disease)!

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