Noblewood Group — New Business in Montenegro

Noblewood Group — New Business in Montenegro

Key Facts About Noblewood

The company was founded by Alexander Mechetin in 2022, it specializes in super-premium spirit production and distribution. It comprises of a distillery in Latvia and a blending and bottling site in Montenegro and relies on technical supplies from various European states with rich profile heritage. The Group has sales offices in Montenegro, the US, the UAE and Cyprus. The demand for its products comes both from the retail and hospitality industries.

The business is fully integrated, as the management controls the supply chain and production to marketing, promotion and distribution right across the globe. The company’s staff consists of committed experts and experienced professionals. These specialists get a chance to join in-house training and education programs for upskilling, reskilling and enhancing their contribution to the Group. To maximize the efficiency of promoting its products, Noblewood relies on an extensive range of ambassadors from different regions of the planet.

The Group has renovated the production site in Montenegro before the start of operation.

The founder is Alexander Mechetin — an international businessperson with an Oxford University EMBA degree and 20 years of expertise in the alcohol beverage industry.

What are the brands Noblewood produces

For now, Noblewood Group produces Beluga vodka only.

The company acquired global intellectual property rights on the brand in 2022.

In April 2023, the Group officially commenced production and yielded its first bottles of this vodka. Beluga Noble, Beluga Allure and Beluga Gold Line have already been shipped. Beluga Celebration, Beluga Transatlantic, the new limited edition of Beluga Epicure by Lalique and the new lower ABV Beluga Botanicals family will be released in the coming months.

Now the back label on the bottle of Beluga vodka states the origin of production and bottling — Montenegro.

Noblewood strives to preserve the traditional recipes and production methods that Beluga is associated with. The water for this beverage is taken from the manufacturer’s own artesian wells and can boast exceptional purity. The grain that is an important ingredient of the drink is organic. The hand-picked aromatics are of the highest quality.

Beluga is sold in high-end Saverglass bottles. A 3D beluga fish talisman is manually attached to each bottle. This product does not only taste great — it also looks visually appealing and accentuates the social status of its consumers.

In the nearest future, other spirits will be released, including gin and rum.

Impact on Montenegro

The Prime Minister of Montenegro, Dr. Dritan Abazović, attended the official opening ceremony of the production site at Nikšić and stated that it was a great day for the country’s economy.

Montenegro depends on imported goods. Noblewood will export products beyond the borders of the country to over 100 destinations. This will aid in decreasing the trade imbalance between imports and exports, thereby improving Montenegro’s economic outlook.

The distillery attracts investments and provides a significant workload as well as income for the transport infrastructure, customs and maritime operations. Noblewood has already created more than 200 jobs in Montenegro, obviously, as the organization grows, new employment opportunities emerge. Moreover, since Noblewood is incorporated in Montenegro and held by the citizens and tax residents of the EU, the taxes that the company pays replenish the respective budgets of Latvia and Montenegro. This adds income for the further development of the countries.

Besides, Noblewood is the first company in luxury and super-premium segments in Montenegro and the Balkans. The country becomes the base of one of the most prestigious and recognizable beverage brands in the world, Beluga Vodka. This cannot but have a positive effect on the image of the country.

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