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Securing a New York Yankees parking spot is crucial for those who wish to see the upcoming games. Since the team has a massive fan base, it might be tough to get a parking space unless reserved in advance—no need to worry, as there are many platforms where you can purchase one.

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The New York Yankees compete in MLB as a part of the AL East Division. They were established in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles and changed to New York Highlanders after moving to New York City. Baseball fans know the club as one of the most triumphant in the league, having won 27 World Series, 19 AL East Division titles, and 40 AL Pennants.

While gaining an enormous, ever-increasing fan base throughout the years, the Yankees has also accumulated big rivals, like the Boston Red Sox. So if you plan to see the games between the Yankees and their rivals, purchasing your parking tickets and securing your seats for the game early is a must.

 The franchise has called Yankee Stadium its home since 2009. It is a 46,537-capacity baseball stadium located at 1 East 161st Street, The Bronx, New York. Fans driving themselves to the stadium during the home games can buy a New York Yankees parking pass online.

It is a relief to know that the stadium features over 9,000 official parking areas. There are more than ten covered and uncovered parking facilities in the area. If you fail to reserve a spot there, you still have the public parking services at short distances to resort to. Note that fans need to purchase their parking passes in advance. Since the spaces may not be enough during big game days, it is better to make a reservation unless you’re okay with settling for the distance parking spaces.

Fans with physical impairment and disabilities can find many parking slots in the stadium dedicated for accessible parking. Having a state-issued parking license, placard, and ID proof is mandatory to access the ADA spaces. Note that hang tags issued by other states are not accepted in NYC. If you need help finding an empty parking spot or getting to the venue, you can ask the parking attendants to help you.

Some parking structures located near the venue are 161st Street Garage Yankee Stadium, Harlem River Lots, River Avenue Garage, 153th Street Garage, Gerard Avenue Lot, 161st Street Garage Yankee Stadium, 153rd Street Lot, and Ruppert Plaza Garage. They are situated within 0.1 to 0.7 miles of walking distance from the stadium. You can easily get a New York Yankees garage parking spot here if you look early.

Those looking for affordable New York Yankees parking options can head to 200 E 161st St. – Concourse Plaza, 156 W 166th St. – Garage Parking, 210 E 163rd St. – Valet Garage, 86 E. 158th St. – Valet Garage, 380 E 162nd St. – Valet Parking, and Gateway Center at Bronx Terminal. They are located three to fifteen minutes away from the venue. You can pick a spot depending on how much you want to pay and how far you’re willing to walk. 

Although not the safest option during big games, you can also look for on-street parking slots. Arriving a couple of hours early is a must if you want to secure a street parking spot. We recommend reserving your parking pass comfortably from your home before the game day to eliminate the possibility of not getting a spot on the day of the game. The prices are better too if you purchase online. 

Some New York Yankees parking structures allow tailgating, so you can look forward to even more fun with your friends. However, alcohol consumption and open fires are not allowed on the premises. Many fans like to explore local bars nearby, like the Alta Sports Bar, The Dugout, and Billy’s Sports Bar & Lounge. You can also try the Yankee Tavern SteakHouse, Hard Rock Café, and Stan’s Sports Bar.

While looking for parking passes online, you’ll come across many ticket-selling websites providing parking tickets for different games. If you’ve decided which game to attend, you can select your passes accordingly. Make sure to pick one from a site you’re familiar with or research the sites you’re planning to buy from.

Since the parking passes are available at competitive prices, you’ll find one in your budget. But that is only if you start looking early. You can choose from a variety of options, including general, accessible, VIP, and New York Yankees club parking. Late comers usually don’t stand a chance when it comes to securing a good parking spot at a good price, especially for New York Yankees games.

While the Yankees always draw huge audiences to their games, the most crowded ones are when they play against the Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels, Chicago Cubs, Houston Astros, and New York Mets. 

Getting New York Yankees parking can be easy or difficult, depending on how quickly you can book your passes. If you get one before the game day and reach the stadium early, parking will be a breeze for you. So make sure not to delay too long, as we talk about the Yankees games here!

New York Yankees VIP Parking

Consider getting a spot at one of the New York Yankees VIP parking spaces the next time you see the Yankees to enjoy an array of services and amenities. With a VIP parking pass, you’ll be able to reserve a spot close to the venue and enjoy other advantages that regular ticket holders do not.

How Much Does New York Yankees VIP Parking Cost?

Since New York Yankees VIP parking tickets are packed with amenities, they come at a price range of $49 and above. You’ll be able to snag one at the best price if you book early. Waiting for the game day to arrive isn’t ideal when it comes to booking exclusive and limited parking tickets like these. VIP parking passes are always in high demand and always sell out soon.

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