New York Mets Parking

New York Mets Parking

Fans determined to see the upcoming Mets games should familiarize themselves with the New York Mets parking map and get a pass soon. The New York City-based professional baseball team has some of the biggest fanbases, making every game heavily attended. You can secure your parking passes online to enjoy an overall stress-free experience when you go to the games.

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The New York Mets were established in 1962 as one of the first expansion teams. They compete in the league as a part of the National League East Division. The team has won two World Series titles (1969 & 1986), six NL East Division titles, and five NL Pennants, and plays their home games at Citi Field.

Huge fans of the team know well about the heated rivalry between them and the Atlanta Braves, New York Yankees, and the Philadelphia Phillies. Games between them are always highly anticipated, drawing thousands of fans to the venue. You can avoid stressing about finding a parking spot on the game day by reserving one now.

If you plan to see the Mets’ home games, you would want to secure your New York Mets parking spot at Citi Field, located at 41 Seaver Way, Flushing, Queens, New York City. It is a baseball stadium accommodating 41,922 guests.

Fortunately, the team’s home stadium provides a wide range of parking options for those bringing their cars. It has seven primary parking facilities, lettered A to G, and is located near the venue. Besides that, fans can find more parking options outside the venue at a short walking distance. If you’re going to the venue for the first time, you might want to look at the parking map once to understand the area better and find your best way.

While Lot A is only accessible to employees’ vehicles, you can find a limited number of public parking spots. On the other hand, Lot B, C, D, and F are allotted to VIP preferred parking pass holders only. Also, Lot G is designated for New York Mets club parking and VIP/executive parking. If you’re looking for general parking, you can find ample spaces in Lot E.

Keep in mind that preferred parking spaces for game days are only available to season ticket holders. Therefore, if you want one, you would need to contact the venue’s office or customer service. The parking rate varies from one lot to another, parking type, and games. So, it’s best if you update yourself on the prices online at any reliable ticketing platform.

Fans with disabilities can find around 300 New York Mets parking slots at Lots A, B, F, and G. Since they are available through pre-purchase and on a first-come, first-served basis, you might want to book your passes beforehand or reach the venue early to grab a spot. 

All vehicles parking in the accessible spaces should display a valid state-issued parking license plate, permit, or placard. If you need help getting to the venue or finding a spot, you can ask friendly parking attendants to guide you.

All parking lots accept major credit cards and cash for on-site booking. But it’s best to book before the game day if you want to avoid inconveniences on the game day. The Mets games can get very crowded on some days, making parking an arduous process for those without a prepaid parking pass.

Additional parking spaces in the venue include the Flushing Meadows Park, Marina East and West lots, and Stadium View East & West. Parking for oversized vehicles, RVs, and buses are available at Pork Chop Hill. If you require a shuttle service to the stadium, the Flushing Meadows Park would be your best option.

For more affordable short-term parking, we recommend booking a space at the Commuter Parking Lot at Roosevelt Ave. Since finding a street parking space is almost impossible during big game days, especially if you cannot reach the venue early, we suggest pre-purchasing a pass online. If you still want to opt for street parking, ensure to read all road signs to avoid parking tickets and arrive at the venue at least two hours before the games start.

The New York Mets parking structures have recently prohibited tailgating activities. But you can look forward to a fun and enjoyable time with your friends by venturing to the nearby restaurants and bars. Check out the Cali Red Bar & Lounge, The Porsche Club, McFadden’s, and Leaf Bar & Lounge before or after the games to enjoy a great selection of food and drinks.

Finding a New York Mets garage parking spot for your car shouldn’t be a hassle as there are many parking spaces around the stadium. You can get your preferred spot if you book your tickets ahead of time and reach the venue early. You will surely find a decent spot at your designated lot if you arrive before the whole lot does.

Fans should expect huge crowds when the Mets are matched up against the New York Yankees, Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, and San Francisco Giants. You should also get your New York Mets parking pass quickly when the team plays with their biggest rivals.  

New York Mets VIP Parking

Those who have a New York Mets VIP parking ticket can access the VIP lots in the official parking facilities and enjoy a wide range of services that are not available to others. With one of these premium passes, you’re sure to have an even better parking experience when you see the Mets games. Check out the perks you’ll enjoy with a VIP ticket and book one soon if you don’t want to let the opportunity slip.

How Much Does New York Mets VIP Parking Cost?

New York Mets VIP parking passes are available at a starting price of $69. The price you pay for these tickets depends on who you’re buying from, the game type, the team’s opponents, and more factors. So make sure to compare different sites to find the best deals.

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