New Tips: How To Choose The Best Sunglasses

Trendy Sunglasses

Everyone has a pair of sunglasses that they love, but there comes a time when you need to replace them with new ones. However, sunglasses shopping is not as easy as you might think. There are several things that you need to consider.

Since sunglasses last for quite a long time, most people forget how to choose the right ones. Therefore, we are here to help you. Below, we have made a list of tips that can help you choose the best trendy sunglasses.

Number matters

Many people do not consider the fact that not all sunglasses are the same. Yes, all sunglasses will offer protection from the sun; however, the percentage of protection provided differs from one pair of sunglasses to another.

Therefore, the number given on your sunglasses is a crucial aspect. It is recommended that you go for sunglasses that offer 99% to 100% of protection. Also, make sure that the sunglasses you are buying offers both UVA and UVB protection. 

Compromising the percentage of protection is of no use. Since you are buying sunglasses for protection from the sun, it is advised that you go for proper protection.

Focus on the fit 

The protection sunglasses offer also depends upon their fit. Therefore, you should only buy sunglasses that frame your faces properly. Also, make sure they are not loose around your face. Since sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun, you need to buy sunglasses that cover your eyes properly.

Moreover, the fit also determines the level of comfort that the sunglasses will provide. If they are uncomfortable to wear or need constant adjustment, you will probably not wear them as much. Therefore, make sure you focus on the fit.

Also, there are several glasses in the market that give the appearance of sunglasses, do not get fooled by them. Make sure that you buy sunglasses that have large lenses and cover your eye area.

Lenses can make a difference

It is true that lenses also make a difference in the level of protection provided by sunglasses. For instance, polarized lenses are useful in deflecting the glare of the sun. However, they do not offer UV protection.

On the other hand, lenses that are made from glasses also provide very little protection. So, it is recommended that you go for polycarbonate plastic lenses. These lenses provide proper UV protection and come in different designs as well. The other option that you can go for is photochromic lenses.

Check for functionality 

People who are not in the habit of wearing glasses often find it difficult to wear sunglasses. For these people, there are several other options. Similarly, people who have bad eyesight can go for prescription sunglasses.

Other options that you have with you are clip-on lenses, tinted lenses,s and much more. Also, make sure that you do not get influenced by color since it doesn’t matter in the case of sunglasses. 

Things that do not matter

As we mentioned before, color does not matter when you are buying sunglasses. Similarly, there are three more things that do not make a difference. These are:

  • Age: Yes, children need more protection than adults. However, that does not mean adults can skip sunglasses altogether. Sunglasses are needed by everyone, and only the sunglasses offering full protection should be bought for adults as well as kids.
  • Season: Even during winters, you need a pair of sunglasses with you. You need to wear sunglasses throughout the year as the sun is always there. You would not want to risk damaging your eyes; thus, the season does not matter.
  • Cost: The cost of sunglasses does not equal protection. So, do not get swayed by brands selling effective sunglasses. You can find an effective pair of sunglasses that offers full UV protection at your local drugstore as well. Unless you love shopping from branded stores, you can find your ideal sunglasses from sunglasses store.


Now you know what you should consider while buying a new pair of sunglasses and what are the things you can avoid. Do not listen to anyone who says it is okay to ditch your sunglasses. Make sure you remember these tips as they can protect your eyes from damage and keep your sunglasses on!


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