New Technologies Influencing the Online Casino World


Online casinos are one of the great examples of the technological advances at the digital level in the 21st century. The creativity of software developers to offer the best high-end games that include the latest generation of slots, roulette and card games have led this industry to launch an increasingly sophisticated entertainment product.

Responsive technology and mobile app

The rise of mobile devices also influences casinos: tablets and phones have replaced computers. Faced with this, gambling sites have used technology in order not to be left behind and offer users what they want. To this end, they have developed mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems. Likewise, they have adapted their platforms to a responsive design, that is, they work correctly from computers, phones and tablets.

OCR technology brings live casino to life

These online casinos offer the option to play at live dealer tables online, one of the latest additions to internet gambling sites. And despite the fact that it is something relatively new and needs improvement, it has been very well received by users. This form of gambling consists of emulating as much as possible the experience of table games in traditional or physical casinos. Today, the casino that has the best live casino offering will have an advantage over the rest.

For the live casino to work properly, it is necessary to use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, whose job is to register and send to the players each of the movements made by the dealer at the table. In this way, players can play instantly, as if they were in the same place, but thousands of kilometers away. This software is complemented by strategically located high-definition cameras and a live chat that makes the interaction richer.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now the protagonist of all the new successful online and offline business models in the market, and as expected the online casino is one of the beneficiaries. One of the main contributions offered by this industry is the possibility of obtaining more and better knowledge about the audience. Knowing the tastes and current trends of players and what decisions they make in front of the games help software companies continually improve games and their portals.


The work of developers to create platforms that offer all the necessary services so that the player can remain safe online has been one of the major contributions in the framework of advanced technology. Now, in order to obtain their licenses from legitimate authorities, operators must demonstrate that they are equipped with highly encrypted security systems that protect the financial and personal data of their registered users.

For example Secure Sockets Layer, mostly known as SSL, is the most widely used technology par excellence by many prestigious online operators. It works by encrypting data collected from the player before storage on the servers. In other words, both personal and financial information entered in the casino will be stored with an unbreakable code. Although it is not the only option, it is still the most successful system endorsed by the European authorities.

And another improvement in security with respect to users’ personal data and gaming transparency is the RNG system, which stands for Random Number Generator. In other words, RNG is a sophisticated algorithm with coded lines. Also, these RNG casino games are supervised by independent authorities in charge of the control and supervision of the game, guaranteeing the player the transparency and security of the game.

Deposit and withdrawal methods

Another mechanism that online casinos offer today is the electronic wallet service. These new payment methods undoubtedly benefit the user as there’s no additional fees or charges for the transactions made. In addition to this, these virtual payment systems offer the possibility of carrying out additional activities, such as checking transactions from platforms other than online casinos. E-wallets are also characterised by offering instant payments. This means that transactions made through these systems are reflected in the balance in real time. This immediacy makes them a more widely accepted alternative to other conventional methods, which usually take hours, or even days, to complete transactions. Among the most popular are PayPal and Skrill, thanks to their security and reliability for real money transactions.

In short, technology has transformed the old concept of casino, and it has expanded it by adding an endless number of new games and possibilities. Artificial intelligence, encryption and other digital technologies present a varied and fruitful growth in the development of new games and offers. An area in which an expansion is expected for the coming years for players from all regions of the world.

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