New Online Casinos in Japan Struggling to Attract New Players

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Online gambling in Japan is extremely popular. The Japanese market is still one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and the number of new online casinos continues to increase at a phenomenal rate. A quick look at the list of new online casinos on this site will reveal just how many sites cater to Japanese players. However, as the age old saying goes ‘all that glitters is not gold’. Many of the casinos that hit the market end up closing down in a remarkably short period of time. There are several reasons why a new casino might close its doors almost as quickly as it opened them, one of which is a lack of new players. 

Popularity is Not the Problem

Prior to the rise of the online casino phenomenon, Japanese gamblers had very limited betting options available to them. Thanks to Japan’s strict laws surrounding gambling, land-based casinos did not exist in Japan and gamblers were only allowed to place bets on horse racing and motor racing. Japan’s gambling laws have undergone an upheaval of late, which means that Japanese casinos will finally be able to open their doors on home soil, but most players will live too far away from a land-based casino to make land-based gambling a feasible option. The popularity of online gambling in Japan, therefore, is unlikely to wane any time soon. So, why are new online casinos struggling to find new players?

Fierce Competition

Competition between online gambling platforms is cut-throat, but in order to attract new players, a new site must be willing to stick its neck out. We’ve seen sites offering extremely generous bonus packages and rewards programs, amazing odds, and excellent payout rates, all of which are attractive incentives for Japanese players. But incentives like these are costly, and if a new site cannot keep hold of enough new players in a short space of time, they won’t recoup their costs. Players know that they can sign up to as many new sites as they wish to in order to take advantage of a no deposit bonus or a large number of free spins. Many players like to play at more than one site so that they can shop around for odds. And plenty of players quickly get bored with a gambling platform and simply wish to move on. Many new casinos buckle under the financial pressure and are forced to close up shop. 

Poor Management

In some cases, however, a new site is forced to close due to poor management. Online gambling is renowned for being an extremely lucrative market to tap into, but the money doesn’t come easy. It takes dedication, knowledge, and plenty of hard work to make a gambling enterprise work. Many new casinos, however, are set up by entrepreneurs who have little understanding of how the industry truly works. These people tend to look at an online gambling site as an easy way to earn a quick buck. What they don’t realise, of course, is that players are quick to catch on to a site that isn’t all its cracked up to be. The online gambler knows a good platform from a bad platform, and they won’t stick around long if something smells fishy.


We mentioned the fact that players like to hop from one casino to the next, making it hard for new sites to hold on to players, but the counter to that is loyalty. Once a gambler finds a site that they enjoy visiting; one that keeps things entertaining with regular bonuses, new games, and fun competitions, said gambler is likely to remain a loyal customer. Why would they want to sign up to a new casino when their old one already treats them like royalty?

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