Neurasthenia – The Insidious Enemy of the Psyche


What happens when you feel extremely fatigued and mentally tired? Perhaps you got a little too excited seeing a automaty online free and started playing for hours. Maybe your boss told you to stay at the office and finish all the pending chores. Are you heartbroken because your partner cheated on you? Being mentally tired means you have had enough and cannot deal with the world’s expectations. You do not feel like getting up from your bed and life feels like a ‘Man Vs. Wild’ episode. 

Living with a mental health condition or extreme tiredness can be difficult. Could it be Neurasthenia? When you head to the doctor, he/she will ask you about the symptoms. When you list the symptoms, you might hear the word, ‘Neurasthenia.’ The question is – What is it? Is it life-threatening? Here’s an article that tells you why Neurasthenia is an enemy of the psyche. But for starters, let’s understand what it is. 

What is Neurasthenia? 

Australia and the United States stopped using the word, ‘Neurasthenia’ but the United Kingdom continues to use it. It was first used in 1829 to label the nerve’s mechanical weakness. It was George Miller Beard who reintroduced the concept in the year 1869. 

Neurasthenia is an ill-defined and vague medical condition, but it is still considered an insidious enemy of the psyche. The conditions disrupt the thought process and bodily functions. Symptoms include fatigue, lassitude, headache, and extreme irritability. 

Neurasthenia is akin to chronic fatigue syndrome. Patients often complain of anxiety and depression, but the overriding symptom is extreme fatigue. Synonyms of this medical condition include Da Costa syndrome, Cardiac Neurosis, Soldier’s Heart, Stress syndrome, and Chronic Asthenia. The cause of this condition is still unknown but people with high-stress occupations, stressful life, and inheritance could be prone to this. 

Why is Neurasthenia Lethal? 

When you are emotionally disturbed, you become less productive in society. Imagine living your life feeling tired all the time and not being to focus on things that need to be done. Patients with neurasthenia feel bored, irritated, depressed, agitated, and dizzy most part of the day. 

It also causes palpitation and heavy breathing. Living like this can be heart-wrenching and difficult. Your body may feel numb or there could be excruciating pain. The worst part is that people start treating you differently like you are mentally ill. 

A patient suffering from Neurasthenia has an unstable mind because they go through mixed emotions time and again. They may feel aroused and happy now, but in few minutes, they may feel depressed and agitated. 

When the mind is unstable and you feel restless all the time, it can be difficult to lead a normal life. You may not find happiness in anything and people around you may not be able to deal with the sudden mood changes. 

Unfortunately, society does not understand that such mental health conditions have no specific cause. They can offer you support, but as a Neurasthenia patient, you may have to learn to control your mood changes. Electrotherapy and a balanced diet may help you treat neurasthenia. But it is best to meet your doctor and get an expert advice. 

Summing up 

What should you do when you suffer from Neurasthenia? When your nerves weaken and you face extreme stress, it is best to learn the best techniques to control the symptoms. If you are experiencing stress or insomnia, listen to sleep hypnosis to cure the latter. Michael Sealy sleep hypnosis works for many people. These are hour-long sessions that help you sleep better. For stress, it is best to use meditation and avoid the negative company. 

Divert your mind by being with positive people, doing breathing exercises, and nurturing positive thoughts. Try and include healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis. Yoga can also help you calm your mind. In a nutshell, do everything to control your unstable mood changes. You can control the symptoms by doing the right things.

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