Netflix Founder Blames The Loss Of 200,000 Subscribers On ‘Inflation’


The chief executive of Netflix made a press release in response to the official records of the colossal loss of subscribers. Over 200,000 subscribers left Netflix, within the first quarter of the year. The chief executive believes that this loss is solely on the high increase of inflation and living costs all over the world. With the rapid increase of living costs by over 50% in most regions, it would explain why loyal customers would have neglected the service, due to having to prioritise what keeps living afloat. Unfortunately, it is a relatable decision that many had to make, for reduced spending costs.

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With the popularity of shows like Stranger Things, Netflix certainly saw a large number of interaction and engagement in terms of watching the series, however subscribers were not there to stay. Many signed up just for the month and deactivated their accounts again, which is unfortunate, but a very real problem of inflation. The chief executive and Co-CEO of Netflix believes that in order to retain the customer loyalty, prices would need to settle down and remain cheaper. However, with the costs of living rising, leaving the prices the same would conclude a loss for the business entity.

Netflix is a company that is trying to adapt to the slowed down growth, especially with the incoming company projections and projects that are coming in, Netflix would need to ensure that they are limiting their spending for content production, which reached its max within the end of the last quarter (at $17.3 billion), and it is estimated to increase further at the end of the 2022 business year.

Netflix for the moment will be introducing a new advertising system that will provide more revenue stress for the streaming site, outside of customer conversions. The new business model complex for Netflix will also attract more customers to Netflix that wish to pay less and use Netflix on different plans and platforms across the internet.

For the time being, Netflix boasts 3.3 million more subscribers each year on average from different regions across the globe, which is a huge leap from the average measured and compared from the past figures of 2020 and 2021. 2022, for the moment, despite the fall in subscribers, still holds strong in terms of revenue conversions year-on-year.

With a planned budget to invest 200 million euros into the French content for this year alone, the idea is supposed to channel with the colossal movie theatre planned releases in French movie theatres only. With this, in addition to the rights to stream more movies within France, Netflix has managed to land good opportunities from advertising and permissions of internal streaming.

Currently, Netflix is allowed to show movies on their platform 15 months later, if not more. However, this new permission change from France would allow the streaming platform to introduce even greater exposure to films much earlier on, giving consumers the chance to channel their film love with their Netflix subscription. Of course, overseas, this plan is far more challenging to achieve, however, if it can be done in France, we can predict more boundaries will be pushed in other regions of the world, very soon.


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